News | March 26, 2014

Aeroflex Announces Availability Of New Automated Test And Alignment Capabilities For The Kenwood 20 Series P25 And NEXEDGE Series Radios

International Wireless Communications Expo 2014—March 26, 2014— Aeroflex Incorporated, a wholly owned subsidiary of Aeroflex Holding Corp., announced recently the addition of support for Kenwood 20 Series P25 and NEXEDGE radios to its expanding capabilities for the Aeroflex 3920B Auto-Test II system. The application provides automated testing and alignment to ensure optimum radio performance. Alignments can now be performed in much less time, minimizing service and support costs for the end users and dealers.

“Aeroflex is pleased to have the opportunity to provide this unique test technology for Kenwood radios,” said Mike Fortna, Manager, Applications Development and Product Training for Aeroflex Wichita. “The 3920B provides an advanced method for repeatable and highly accurate test and alignment for Kenwood radios that requires minimal technical interface. Since the 3920B provides fully automated tests and alignment processes, Kenwood dealers and end users can now utilize their technical resources to provide higher value services.”

“These new capabilities of the Aeroflex 3920B Digital Radio Test Set will be welcome news for our mission critical customers,” said Katsuya Sato, Chief Product Manager, Communications Equipment Division, JVCKENWOOD Corporation.

With a proven track record for speed and accuracy, this application uses the precision instrumentation within the 3920B to quickly perform test and alignments to manufacturer specifications. An exclusive cable correction feature ensures that power measurements are always correct.

Price and availability
The Kenwood 5x20 P25 Series software is now available and can be ordered as Option 630 for the 3920B. The Kenwood NEXEDGE Series software is also available and can be ordered as Option 631 for the 3920B. These software options are field upgradeable.

About Aeroflex
Aeroflex Holding Corp. is a leading global provider of high performance microelectronic components, and test and measurement equipment used by companies in the space, avionics, defense, commercial wireless communications, medical and other markets.

About Kenwood
KENWOOD is a product brand of JVCKENWOOD Corporation, a global manufacturer specializing in electronics and entertainment products. The Communications Business which is one of their core businesses, boasts the world’s second largest market share in the mainstay area of land mobile radio equipment. The business achieved this share by combining radio technologies, which have been cultivated over many years since the era of amateur radio equipment, with cutting-edge digital and network technologies.

SOURCE: Aeroflex Incorporated