White Paper

White Paper: Advances In S-Band Radar Technology: Reducing Overall System Cost Through Higher Levels Of Integration

Source: Integra Technologies, Inc.

By Brian D. Battaglia, Jeff Burger, and John Titizian, Integra Technologies, Inc.

The S-band has long been an application space servicing both commercial and military radars. Many of the radar systems required very high peak power levels with low to medium pulse widths that were best served by silicon bipolar technology. In the last few years the trend in radar systems requires longer pulse widths and some measure of linearity. Leveraging their long history in the S-band and RF expertise, the designers at Integra developed another product that offers a complete 50 ohm RF power solution in a single package. Miniaturized Power Amplifiers utilizing LDMOS (MPALs) are matched to 50 ohms at the package leads and only need a bias circuit to complete the solution.