Active Point Of Interface (APOI) Units: idDAS

Source: Cobham

The new idDAS APOI units from Cobham are Active Point of Interface devices designed to connect various DAS feeders such as BTSs (Base Transceiver Stations), small cells, RRHs (Radio Remote Heads), and/or off-air repeaters to digital DAS systems. Each unit features a patented, smart ALC control loop algorithm that enables the option of auto commissioning per port, or manual calibration per port.

With up to 16 BTS ports per APOI shelf, these units are able to be supported by 8 BTS interface modules. Each BTSI covers one single band, supports up to 2 BTS ports, and can be un-duplexed or duplexed to allow for different configurations to different BTSs. Supported services include 800, 900, 1800, 2100, 2600 plus 700LTE, SMR 800 (Sprint), Cellular 850, 1900 and AWS.

Additional idDAS Features:

  • Multiple operator, multiple sector, and MIMO support via single APOI shelf
  • Compact 3U rack
  • Web-based, remote, or wireless GSM, WCDMA, or CDMA 1x modem management
  • Simple integration to AEM network management software or 3rd party NOC via SNMP traps

For additional information and benefits, download the product brochure.