Newsletter | October 11, 2023

10.11.23 -- Achieve The Highest Performance Design With Build-To-Print

Achieve The Best Performance For Your Thin-Film RF Devices

The utilization of thin film, a material layer used to create electronic components starting from fractions of a nanometer, can significantly decrease the size and enhance the performance of SMT microstrip filters.


Understanding Thin-Film Integrated Passive Devices

Integrated passive devices (IPD) are components designed for specific applications, rather than general use, making them an effective approach for engineers to meet size, weight, and power (SWaP) goals.


Thin Film On Ceramic Substrates For Interconnects And Interposers

Thin-film ceramic interposers offer reduced signal losses, better thermal management, and more opportunities for component size reduction in RF and microwave applications.


Build-To-Print Services For Thin-Film Circuit Design And Construction

Knowles provides build-to-print services for thin-film circuit design and construction, allowing customers to save time and money by reducing the need for in-house engineering and manufacturing resources.



Build-To-Print Thin-Film Solutions

Thin-film product design, manufacturing, and testing services can ensure the highest performance design by controlling processes, reducing line tolerances, and customizing material selection.

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