Absorptive And Reflective PIN Diode Switches

Source: Ducommun Inc.

Absorptive And Reflective PIN Diode Switches

Ducommun delivers a range of absorptive and reflective PIN diode switches for an array of applications including test instrumentation, telecommunication, radar front, WiGig application development, and wireless 5G technology. These switches feature low insertion loss, high isolation, and a fast nanosecond switching times in a complete solid state solution.

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The PIN diode switches cover operational frequency ranges from 0.1 through 75 GHz. They are available in SPDT, SP4T and SP8T configurations. Each switch is activated by a TTL signal applied to the control connector.

Available models include:

For more features, specifications, diagrams, and operational parameters on the different PIN diode switches, click the model numbers above to download the datasheets.

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