95 dB Step Attenuators For Automated Wi-Fi 6E Testing


JFW’s 50PA-1183-XX and 50BA-048-95 are two attenuator assembly models designed to help automate Wi-Fi 6E testing.  Both models use 0-95dB x 1dB step attenuators that operate 0.2-8 GHz, and feature Ethernet and serial remote control with a command set that is script friendly.

Model 50PA-1183-XX contains up to 8 attenuators and has a 19-inch rack mount chassis. When this model is ordered with 4 attenuators, it can be later expanded to have up to a maximum of 8 attenuators.

Model 50BA-048-95 contains 2 attenuators and has a benchtop enclosure. This model displays the current attenuation of both attenuators. The two manual levers on the front panel allow for quick and easy manual control of both attenuators.

For additional features, specifications, and operating parameters, download the available datasheets.