90-Degree Hybrid Microwave Coupler: 3014320

Source: Krytar
90 Degree Hybrid Microwave Coupler: 3014320

This hybrid microwave coupler covers the 1.4 GHz to 32.0 GHz frequency range and is ideal for a variety of commercial and military applications.

The 3014320 90 Degree Hybrid Microwave Coupler features excellent versatility, phase, and amplitude matching, the market’s widest frequency coverage in a single package, high directivity, and tight coupling. It’s ideal for applications involving wireless broadband designs and test and measurement.

The Model 3014320 hybrid coupler handles 20 Watts of average power and 3 kW of peak power. This compact coupler measure only 2.62 inches (L) x 1.00 inches (W) x 0.40 inches (H), and weighs just 2.0 ounces. SMA female connectors are standard and N-type female connectors are optional. Operating temperature is -54°C to +85°C.