67 GHz Test Cables

Source: MegaPhase LLC
70 GHz Test Cables

MegaPhase offers ultra-wideband and broadband test cables that are optimized for consistent and repeatable performance through 67 GHz applications. Available in lengths from 12 inches to 25 feet, these cables are equipped with 1.85 mm connectors, including those that mate directly with 1.85 mm VNA ports and factory formed right angle connectors.

The 67 GHz test cable products are built-to-order with any combination of connectors for customer specific applications. They are ideal for use with the FieldFox® SiteMaster™ and Site Analyzer®.

Additional features include:

  • Cost effective performance
  • Bench Test Standard (TM67)
  • Lab and R&D performance (VN67)
  • Armored and rugged (VN67)
  • Phase matching available
  • Lowest cost alternative to OEM cables

For more electrical and mechanical specifications on the 67 GHz test cables, download the datasheet.