News | June 16, 2017

5G Pavilion At IMS Featured Several Innovative RF Products

Source: Strand Marketing Incorporated
5G Pavilion At IMS Featured Several Innovative RF Products

Here’s a quick rapid fire of what you missed in the 5G Pavilion at IMS. Custom MMIC’s latest LNAs, PAs, and LPNAs and linear mixers. PIM got more attention from San-tron’s latest coax assemblies. USB is the link Vaunix provided to the future in nimble Wireless ATE. X marks the MWblocks in X Microwave’s modular design platform. SemiGen rolled out new microwave diodes and advanced assembly services. Micro Lambda Wireless got YiGgy with it. Smiths Interconnect promoted their millimeter-wave assemblies or “MMWAs”. LPKF put the EZ in rapid prototyping. GVD said BA-BYE to hermetic packaging. Laser Services continued to encourage, “You can learn to Laser that $h!*!” While sister company Accumet chimed in with, “And give it a good polish.” Finally, Metrigraphics provided the skinny on thin film and how to get it to bend to your every RF whim. It all went down in the 5G Pavilion at IMS 2017 in Honolulu. A roundup of these innovations and quick links to each company’s website can be downloaded here:

SOURCE: Strand Marketing, Inc.