50 GHz And 67 GHz Millimeter Wave VNA Test Cables

Source: Pasternack Enterprises, Inc.

50 GHz And 67 GHz Millimeter Wave VNA Test Cables

Pasternack offers a new line of flexible precision VNA test cables rated to 50 or 67 GHz. Designed for use as VNA test port extenders, these cables are able to withstand the severities of lab testing where they are constantly flexed during common testing situations. Some of the most common applications that benefit from these cables include semiconductor probe testing, precise bench top testing, and lab/production testing where highly flexible and durable cable solutions are required.

The newest lines of VNA test cables feature excellent electrical properties such as a low VSWR of 1.3:1 at 50 GHz and 1.4:1 at 67 GHz. The braided stainless steel armoring surrounding the coax provides a rugged solution with a flex life exceeding 100,000 cycles. A swept right angle connector option allows these cables to fit in tight spaces and can reduce the length of cable required in many applications.

Download the datasheet for more information on the different types of VNA cables in their series.