50 Ohm Coaxial Cable Solution: UTiFLEX-HF 

Source: Carlisle Interconnect Technologies

Carlisle Interconnect Technologies offers UTiFLEX-HF coaxial cables designed to provide a solid cable assembly solution operating from DC to 65 GHz range for 50 Ohm applications where flexibility is a key requirement. The cable solutions feature 70% VP cables and premium 80-85% VP cables for when critical applications need a phase stable solution with minimal signal loss.

The UTiFLEX-HF coaxial cables include a stranded center conductor for high flexibility and limited memory (springback) in the coax. These coaxial cables have been designed with precision applications in mind with standard cable dimensions to fit a wide range of connectors.

For more information on the UTiFLEX-HF coaxial cables, download the available datasheet.