4-20 GHz Dual-Directional Coupler: 504020006

Source: Krytar

KRYTAR's Model 504020006 dual-directional coupler delivers 6 dB of coupling over the 4 GHz to 20 GHz range in a single, compact, and lightweight package. With a multipurpose, stripline design, it is capable of monitoring forward and reflective power in power sampling and measurement, amplifier leveling, VSWR monitoring, field control, and amplifier load and protection applications.

Model 504020006 offers superior performance ratings including nominal coupling (with respect to output) of 6 dB, ±0.8 dB, and frequency sensitivity of ±0.5 dB. The dual-directional coupler exhibits insertion loss (including coupled power) of less than 4.0 dB, directivity of greater than 16 dB, maximum VSWR of 1.35, input power rating of 20 W average, and 3 kW peak. The directional coupler comes with industry-standard SMA female connectors.

Download the full datasheet for more features and specifications.