10-40 GHz 3 dB Hybrid Coupler: 4100400

Source: Krytar
10-40 GHz 3 dB Hybrid Coupler: Model 4100400

Hybrid couplers are used to split and combine signals in amplifiers, switching circuits, and antenna beam-forming networks. This particular model covers the 10 to 40 GHz frequency range and features excellent phase and amplitude matching.

This coupler is ideal for emerging wireless broadband applications, as well as test and measurement applications. It can also be designed to meet military specifications. It has an amplitude balance +1.0 dB, a phase imbalance of +12-degrees, greater than 12dB isolation, and less than 1.7dB insertion loss. The 4100400 hybrid coupler is compact, measuring in at only 0.86 (L) x 1.10 (W) x 0.50 (H) inches. For more information, download the datasheet.