33 – 47 GHz High Power Amplifier: ERZ-HPA-3300-4700-29

Source: ERZIA

33 – 47 GHz High Power Amplifier: ERZ-HPA-3300-4700-29

ERZIA offers the new ERZ-HPA-3300-4700-29 high power amplifier that operates in the 33 to 47 GHz frequency range for industrial, laboratory, SATCOM, telecom, space, aerospace, and military applications. This amplifier features an output power of up to 29 dBm, gain of 30 dB, and a gain flatness of ±5 dB.

The ERZ-HPA-3300-4700-29 consumes 11 W of power and requires a supply voltage from 8 – 16 V. The amplifier is housed in a module with 2.4 mm female connectors.

ERZ-HPA-3300-4700-29 features include:

  • RF connectors (I/O): 2.4 mm
  • Solder filtered pins for DC connection
  • Several mounting options
  • Gold platted compact aluminum housing
  • Hi-reliability and dedicated screening
  • Environmental tests available under request

For more information on this low noise amplifier, download the available datasheet.