2 GHz High-Performance Arbitrary Waveform Generator: Model 685

Source: Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation

The Model 685 is the world's fastest arbitrary waveform generator with industry-leading flexibility, speed, and power levels that allows users the widest range of modulation and creator options. It can be used for generating a complex pulse train, a series of radar pulses, pulsed RF signals with impairments, Gaussian pulses, multi-level pulses, double pulses for IGBT/Mosfet experiments, or pulses for advanced research and quantum computing.

The Model 685 delivers premium signal integrity, an easy-to-use touch-screen display, and a host of new operational modes. The differential outputs offer many advantages including immunity to external noise, especially on low voltage systems.

Model 685 specifications include:

  • Number of Channels: 2, 4 or 8
  • Resolution: 6.16 GS/s 16 Bit Vertical
  • Bandwidth: 2 GHz
  • Offset: ± 2.5V
  • Amplitude: 3Vpp Differential (5Vpp Single-Ended) into 50 Ω
  • Memory: 4096 Mpts Waveform per channel

For more in-depth information on the Model 685 waveform generator, download the datasheet.