200-7125 MHz 19" Rack Mount Attenuator Assembly With with 1-8 Attenuators: 50PA-1249-XX

Source: JFW Industries, Inc.
JFW - 50PA-1249-XX

Model 50PA-1249-XX is a 19-inch rack mount attenuator assembly containing 50 Ohm solid-state step attenuators. The number of attenuators can be selected from 1 to 8 attenuators.

The attenuators have an attenuation range of 0 to 95dB by 1dB steps and operate at 200-7125 MHz. We label the RF connectors as Input and Output, but the attenuators are bi-directional. The attenuators can be controlled manually or remotely. This model is available with 50 Ohm N female or SMA female RF connectors.

Manual Attenuator Control
The manual control menu allows you to set/read an attenuator, fade an attenuator, or perform a handover using two attenuators.

Remote Attenuator Control
This attenuator assembly can be remotely controlled via an Ethernet connection or a serial connection (i.e. RS-232). The network settings can be changed manually with the keypad or remotely using the NET remote command. The network interface can be set to either DHCP mode or Fixed Address mode. All new test systems are shipped from the factory in DHCP mode. A RS-232 connection to the test system is made using a null modem type serial cable. Baud rates up to 155200 baud are available. The baud rate can be changed manually with the keypad or remotely with the SERIAL remote command.