2 – 6 GHz GaN Power Amplifier: PE15A5025

Source: Pasternack Enterprises, Inc.

2 – 6 GHz GaN Power Amplifier: PE15A5025

The new PE15A5025 from Pasternack is a 50 Watt GaN coaxial power amplifier capable of operation in the 2 – 6 GHz frequency range. Delivering high levels of output power and efficiency and a high output load impedance, this power amplifier is ideal for military radar, jamming systems, medical imaging, wireless communications, and electronic warfare applications.

The PE15A5025 features 50 dB of small signal gain, a saturated output power level of +47 dBm typical, and 30% power added efficiency (PAE). The amplifier requires a +28 Vdc power supply, is unconditionally stable, and is capable of generating 50 Watts of saturated output power under worst case conditions.

The GaN power amplifier utilizes female SMA input/output RF connectors and a 15 Pin Micro-D Female socket for DC, TTL blanking, and over current and temperature monitoring. Operating over the temperature range of -40°C and +85°C with a rugged packaging, this device can withstand harsh military standard environmental test conditions including high humidity, altitude, shock, and vibration.

For more features and specifications, download the datasheet.