100MHz 10x Frequency Divider: HX4210

WTG - HX4210

The Holzworth HX4210 100MHz 10x Frequency Divider is a high grade laboratory accessory that maintains low jitter and phase noise of an external reference or frequency source to maintain the integrity of system timing and noise.

The HX4210 Frequency Divider is a laboratory grade reference divider that has a high output power and will operate with a broad range of power supplies. Holzworth products are 100% final performance tested for phase noise verification1.

Key Specifications and Features:

  • 100MHz Input, 10MHz Output

  • +10dBm Input / Output

  • -170 dBc/Hz Additive Phase Noise

  • DC Supply: 8VDC to 12VDC (100mA)

  • Integrated Low Noise Bias Network