Datasheet | June 22, 2016

100 MHz – 18.0 GHz Transceiver: PTRAN-100M18G-SFB-3UVPX-10HP-MAH Datasheet

Source: Planar Monolithics Industries, Inc.

The PTRAN-100M18G-SFB-3UVPX-10HP-MAH is a transceiver designed for use in applications ranging from 100 MHz to 18.0 GHz. The device features a receive filter bank which incorporates a 2-way absorptive switch to select an input, along with two 6-way switches allowing one of the six filter paths to be chosen. It is also made to attach to an FPGA controller card which allows for a total solution in 10 HP form factor. Download the datasheet for more in-depth specifications, mechanical drawings and block diagrams.