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11.14.23 -- 10 Considerations When Using Additive Manufacturing To Create Passive RF Components


10 Considerations When Using Additive Manufacturing To Create Passive RF Components

Engineers have started adopting additive manufacturing techniques to fabricate RF components. As a result, they are now able to customize components for better performance and system-wide efficiency, thanks to the increased flexibility that additive manufacturing provides.


Closing The Gap: How Force Sensors Fuel Novel HMI Designs

Unlike traditional touch technologies, force-sensing MEMS devices redefine interfaces, eliminating the need for mechanical buttons and enabling gapless, waterproof designs.

Thin Film Integrated Passive Devices

Integrated passive devices (IPD) represent a category of components designed for optimal, application-specific use rather than general use. Leveraging IPDs is an effective approach for engineers working to meet size, weight, and power (SWaP) goals.


Power Consumption Analysis With Specialty DC Power Supplies

Optimizing power consumption is critical for IoT devices running on small, non-rechargeable batteries. Learn how accurate characterization and smart design can extend device lifespans.

Electric Vehicle On-Board Charging Systems

On-board charging systems (OBCs) transform external AC power into DC voltage to charge vehicle batteries while monitoring and ensuring safe charging.

Secondary Surveillance Radar – How Can It Be Tested More Effectively?

How does secondary surveillance radar (SSR) work? Why is SSR testing essential? What are ideal test instrument capabilities for accurate radar measurements? Discover the answers to these questions and more in this article.


Tuya TS24-U Module Achieves PSA Certified Level 1

Signal Hound’s All-New SP145 Now In Stock And Available To Order

FiRa Consortium Publishes FiRa 2.0 Technical Specifications

AmpliTech Group Announces New Product Lines; Adds E-Commerce Capabilities

SWISSto12 Announces Development Of Active Electronically Steerable Antennas

Picocom Introduces System-On-Chip For 5G Small Cell Open RAN Radio Units

BroadWave Technologies Introduced A 500-Watt Fixed Attenuator Series

Small Form Factor GNSS And GPS Patch Antennas For Accurate Navigation

iDirect Government Debuts REVOLUTION 450mp Multi-Waveform, Multi-Orbit SDR Modem

Meet Ironwave Technologies: The Sole Source For RF Solutions, From DC To Light


CPI Receiver Protector (RP) Selection Guide

CPI offers a wide range of solid-state limiters, TR limiters, pre-TR limiters, pre-TR tubes, TR tubes, ATR tubes, and multipactors. The benefits of these products include extensive high-power test capabilities, in-house environmental test facilities, and computer modeling and automatic test capabilities. This guide offers general performance characteristics of products in each frequency band and covers their many multifunction capabilities.


Multi-Position Coaxial EM Switches

Coaxial multi-position switches from CEI provide highly reliable and repeatable switching for any application. 

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dB Control

Passive GaAs MMIC Attenuator Family: ATN00-00110CH

The ATN00-00110CH family of precision GaAs MMIC fixed attenuators are an ideal solution for attenuating a signal, and they can be used in a wide range of applications.

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Marki Microwave

Power Amplifier: 125S1G6C

The Model 125S1G6C is a solid-state, Class A design, self-contained, air-cooled, broadband power amplifier designed for applications where instantaneous bandwidth, high gain, and linearity are required.

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