High Shock TCXO

Source: Greenray Industries, Inc.

Oscillator 10-50 MHz: T72 TCXO

This TCXO operates in the 10-50 MHz range. Several features make it ideal for a variety of applications. It features electronic frequency control, making it ideal for precise tuning or phase locking applications. Reliable frequency control performance makes it also ideal for mobile, battery powered applications (including GPS and WiMAX), and other general wireless applications. Lastly, vibration and temperature fluctuations won't affect this TCXOs performance, making it also ideal for exploration and tracking equipment applications. Shock level is available to 35,000g. (Vibration: per MIL-STD-202G, Meth 214, Cond I-F. Shock: per MIL-STD-202G, Meth 213, Cond F.)

The T72 TCXO offers stability to ±0.2 ppm (-40 to 85°C), g-Sensitivity of ≤5 x 10-10/g, a Phase Noise floor of -157 dBc/Hz, and very low current consumption of <2mA. It incorporates a rugged, 5 x 7 mm ceramic package, and a high performance crystal. Additional information can be found on the available datasheet. You can also contact us if you have any questions on the T72 TCXO.