1-Port Vector Network Analyzer: MS46121B

Source: Anritsu Company

1-Port Vector Network Analyzer: MS46121B

The MS46121B is a series of two PC-controlled 1-Port USB ShockLine Vector Network Analyzers with frequency ranges of 40 MHz to 4 GHz and 150 kHz to 6 GHz. The MS46121B provides performance and accuracy for your 1 port measurements in a low cost and space saving solution that is small enough to directly connect to the device under test. All the members of the MS46121B series are aimed at RF and microwave applications in manufacturing, engineering and education. The two MS46121B options both come with 120 microsecond per point sweep speeds and a measurement accuracy of +/- 0.5 dB (-6 dB offset, typical), making them suitable for your passive device test applications.

These new very compact VNAs are externally controlled via USB from a user supplied PC. Up to 16 independent MS46121B VNAs can be operated in parallel from the same computer running ShockLine software. This enables true parallel multisite testing of 1-port devices improving throughput over traditional single VNA and switch matrix test solutions. Adding option 21, Scalar Transmission, will allow scalar measurements (magnitude only) between multiple MS46121B VNAs. The series does not have any on board memory which simplifies its use in secure applications. The combination of lower cost, small size, good performance, and parallel operation make the MS46121B series VNAs ideal for passive 1-port device test applications where performance and multisite testing are desired.


RF Passive Component Testing and Troubleshooting

  • Antenna Return Loss
  • Antenna Bandwidth
  • Impedance Measurements
  • Cable Fault Detection
  • Cable Phase
  • Cable Return Loss

Multisite Configurations Supported

  • Parallel testing of up to 16 DUT sites supported from one computer
  • Scalar Transmission Measurements can be done in parallel using 4 channels

Secure Area Applications

  • No data storage on unit
  • Secure external computer control through direct USB connection