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  • IAI Unveils Stealth-Tracking UHF Radar

    The new ULTRA family of AESA UHF radars represents a formidable capability of early warning and long-range search and tracking of low observable (stealth) aircraft, Air Breathing Targets (ABTs), and ballistic missiles. The radars offer an advantage of low RCS targets detection at long ranges, operation under all weather conditions, and in the presence of dense electromagnetic environments.

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High Frequency DIP OCXO: NV79 Datasheet

Bliley Technologies’ NV79 OCXO series features a 50 to 120 MHz output frequency and low phase noise, and is offered in an industry standard DIP package. They’ve been designed for applications involving base stations, test equipment, synthesizers and digital switching. Download the datasheet for a full list of features and specifications.

Electronic Warfare Sensing System: PHOBOS-R Datasheet

This EW sensing system can detect potential electronic threats in less than one second and is simple to deploy and operate. Download the datasheet for information on its technical specifications and features and see why it’s an ideal solution for integration into UAVs, portable/deployable sensors, patrol boats, recon vehicles, and light utility aircraft.

Microwave Power Module (MPM): dB-3814 Datasheet

dB Control’s dB-3814 microwave power module covers the 15-18 GHz range and is ideal for airborne synthetic aperture and multi-mode radar applications. It features excellent phase and amplitude stability, and very low phase noise. For information on additional features and specifications, download the datasheet.

High-Power, Redundant SSPA System: Outdoor PowerMAX™ Datasheet

The Outdoor PowerMAX™ is a high-power solid-state power amplifier (SSPA) ideal for outdoor applications that require high levels of redundancy power at the antenna. To find out how its unique design can simplify installation logistics and reduce the system’s overall deployment costs, download the datasheet.



  • Doppler Generation For Moving Target Testing
    Doppler Generation For Moving Target Testing

    Channel Environment Replicator (CER) applications simulate and recreate outdoor environments in which radar systems must operate. It’s a much less expensive testing method when compared to the potential complications encountered in more traditional field testing, though testing a moving target in such an application isn’t all that simple.

  • Radar And Radio Range Simulation Using FODL

    FODL (fiber optic delay line) systems eliminate the need for expensive and time-consuming outdoor range tests for radio and radar systems. This white paper outlines how FODL systems’ accuracy, repeatability, and reliability can save money and time when conducting these tests and also explains for delay line core technology works.

  • A New Approach To Wireless Broadband Technology For IoT

    Wi-Fi has been incredibly successful in making wireless broadband communication ubiquitous among mobile computing devices like laptops and smart phones. Wi-Fi’s cost-effective, IP-based flat architecture (i.e. a simple wireless extension to Ethernet) is a primary contributor to this success. A positive spiral of R&D investments and manufacturing scale and efficiencies are pushing Wi-Fi’s price-performance ratio to unprecedented levels. This trend will continue for the foreseeable future. By Nimesh Parikh, Doodle Labs

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SATCOM Amplifiers

SATCOM Amplifiers

Ciao Wireless has developed an entire series of RF and Microwave Amplifiers specifically for use in the various "specialty" frequencies for Radar, Satcom & Communications Band Applications, including Ground, Naval and Airborne, Receive and Transmit. Models feature options for items such as gain, noise figure, output power, and voltages. Units are manufactured utilizing Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) Thin-Film Hybrid Technology, with proven reliability, field use and qualification
Antenna Software

Antenna Software

FEKO software is a comprehensive electromagnetic (EM) analysis software suite, building on state of the art computational EM (CEM) techniques to provide users with software that can solve a wide range of electromagnetic problems.

AK-571-4 Horn Antenna Kit -- 700 MHz - 40 GHz

AK-571-4 Horn Antenna Kit -- 700 MHz - 40 GHz

The AK-571-4 Horn Antenna kit is the newest member of A.H. Systems family of antenna kits. This Antenna Kit provides a convenient solution for increased frequency requirements from 700 MHz to 40 GHz. As specifications include higher test frequency requirements so does the need for an accurate antenna solution. To help minimize any downtime the customer may be experiencing during testing we provide next-day, on-time delivery.
RF Power Amplifiers

RF Power Amplifiers

AR's RF Amplifiers backed by Worldwide Support and Service and a 3-Year Warranty. DC to 1000 MHz. 1 to 50,000 Watts. Linear, broadband and VSWR tolerant, with a wide range of uses and exceptional endurance even in the most difficult test scenarios, the AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation RF amplifier is the industry standard for benchmark performance.

Two-Way Power Dividers/Combiners - 3 To 40 GHz

Two-Way Power Dividers/Combiners - 3 To 40 GHz

Krytar offers Model 6030400 & 6030400K MLDD 2-Way Power Dividers. Frequency: 3-40 GHz. Max VSWR (any port): 1.95. Insertion Loss: <2.0 dB, <0.75 dB. Isolation: 14 dB. Amplitude Tracking: ± 0.50 dB. Phase Tracking: ± 7°. Standard Connectors: 2.4 mm Female, 2.92 Female. Delivery: Stock to 30 Days. Unit may be manufactured to meet Military Specifications.
Ka-Band TWT Amplifier for Ground and Mobile Radar Applications: dB-3709i

Ka-Band TWT Amplifier for Ground and Mobile Radar Applications: dB-3709i

This TWT Amplifier (TWTA) is ideal for applications involving test and measurement, radars, antenna placement, and radar cross-section measurements.


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KRYTAR, founded by Thomas J. Russell in 1975, is a privately owned California corporation specializing in the manufacture of ultra broadband microwave components and test equipment for both commercial and military applications. The KRYTAR product line includes a power meter, directional couplers, directional detectors, 3 dB hybrids, MLDD power dividers, detectors and terminations covering the DC to 67 GHz frequency range.



Booster Amplifier Comparison Grid

Booster amplifiers are primarily used in military applications to increase the strength of transmitted signals. This Booster Amplifier Comparison Grid was compiled to help you select the best booster amplifier for your application. We've lined up four of the leading booster amplifiers in the industry side-by-side, enabling you to compare key specifications and access additional information. See the Booster Amplifier Comparison Grid.

Booster Amplifier Comparison Grid


Anaren Microwave, Inc.


AR Modular RF


Bird Technologies

Bliley Technologies, Inc.

ComNav Engineering, Inc.

Corry Micronics, Inc. Ciao Wireless

Copper Mountain Technologies

CST-Computer Simulation Technology

DB Control

Ducommun RF Products

EM Software and Systems (USA)

Empower RF Systems, Inc.

EB Elektrobit, Inc.

Greenray Industries

GPS Networking



JFW Industries


Lansdale Semiconductor, Inc.

MCLI Microwave Communications Laboratories, Inc.

MegaPhase LLC


Narda Microwave-East

Northrop Grumman

NuWaves Engineering

NXP Semiconductor

Pascall Electronics Ltd.

Precision Devices, Inc.


RLC Electronics

Rohde & Schwarz


Teledyne Microwave Solutions

TRM Microwave

X-COM Systems




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