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Thin Film Dual Resistor Networks - MSDR3 Series Thin Film Dual Resistor Networks - MSDR3 Series
The MSDR series dual center-tapped chip resistor offers the high stability, low noise, and low T.C.R./T.C. tracking of thin film while providing greater flexibility in hybrid designs
Custom Thin Film Metalized Substrates Custom Thin Film Metalized Substrates
Johanson Technology offers a wide range of dielectrics for use in application specific environments. These materials are available in both lapped and "as fired" condition as well as metalized and non-metalized substrates...
Thin Film Processing Thin Film Processing
Cobham MAL Ltd. has retained a thin film processing capability at its Milton Keynes facility for over 25 years. This well developed and regularly used process has been exploited by Cobham in its microwave assemblies and has been qualified into a number of aerospace, defense, communications and space products.
Thin-Film Directional Couplers (CP0402A1950ENTR)
The ITF High Directivity LGA Coupler is based on thin-film multilayer technology. The technology provides a miniature part with excellent high frequency performance and rugged construction for reliable automatic assembly.
Thick Film Resistor Networks
The Established Reliability, surface-mount chip resistor networks qualified to MIL-PRF-914 (revision G, amendment 3) have increased in availability...
Thick Film, Thin Film and Electronic Packages Thick Film, Thin Film and Electronic Packages

Mini-Systems manufactures high reliability, precision Thick Film chip resistors and jumpers for frequencies to 10 Ghz. Thin Film chip resistors, resistor arrays, chip attenuators, MOS style capacitors, and RC networks, DC through 20 Ghz. Electronic Packages Alumina/Glass sidewall flatpacks. For more on Mini-Systems, visit their storefront.

Thick Film Chip Attenuators Thick Film Chip Attenuators
Wire and ribbon bondable and Flipchip thick film chip attenuators, printed and fired on 96% alumina. Provides attenuation accuracy for frequencies through 10 Ghz. Double layer terminations provide additional bonding surface. Abrasive trimming ensures optimum resistor stability
Thin Film Circuit Manufacture Thin Film Circuit Manufacture
A mature in-house facility supplying thin film circuits to the Microwave industry since the 1980’s
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