Ceramic Chip Inductors Ceramic Chip Inductors
High Frequency Ceramic Chip Inductors
MTT-S: Chip Inductor MTT-S: Chip Inductor
The PTL1005-F series photo-etched chip inductor is employed in GaAs FET matching circuits such as low-noise amplifiers (LNAs) and voltage-controlled oscillators (VCOs).
RF Ceramic Chip Inductors RF Ceramic Chip Inductors
Johanson Technology's High Frequency (RF) multilayer Inductors are a monolithic body made of low loss ceramic and high conductivity metal electrodes in EIA sizes 0201 through 0805...
Surface Mount Fixed Inductor Surface Mount Fixed Inductor
The D124C Series surface mount fixed inductor is a low profile, shielded inductor for use as a DC choke coil
Unshielded Thru-hole Inductors Unshielded Thru-hole Inductors
Datatronics produces a wide variety of "off the shelf" and custom inductors and chokes for EMI suppression in switching power supply and other filter applications.
Radial Leaded Inductors: DR217 Series Radial Leaded Inductors: DR217 Series
Designed for accuracy and economy, the new Model DR217 Series Radial Leaded Inductors from Datatronic Distribution, Inc., combine superior performance, reliability and long-life.
S-Band 'Drop-In' Limiter Module: MALIML0024 S-Band 'Drop-In' Limiter Module: MALIML0024
This high reliability S-band ‘Drop-in’ limiter module features a weight and space saving design. By utilising Cobham Sensor Systems GMIC (Glass Microwave Integrated Circuit) Technology, integration applications can benefit from both small feature size and high performance.
Ka-Band 10kW Active Waveguide Limiter: MALI-010301-000000 Ka-Band 10kW Active Waveguide Limiter: MALI-010301-000000
This Ka-Band 10kW active waveguide limiter allows the system direct control over when the limiting function is applied. Passive limiting provides protection from non-coherent threats.
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