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  1. Radio Wave Gun Disables Drones From A Mile Away

    A rifle-like signal jammer that can disable an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) from 1.2 miles (2 kilometers) away is the latest technology developed to neutralize threats posed by drones deployed for nefarious purposes.

  2. MaxLinear MxL277 Full-Spectrum Capture DOCSIS 3.1 Cable Receiver & Amplifier Chipset Powers Hitron’s DOCSIS 3.1 CPE Family

    MaxLinear, Inc., a leading provider of radio frequency (RF) and mixed-signal integrated circuits for broadband communications, the connected home, data center, metro, long-haul fiber networks, and wireless infrastructure, recently announced that Hitron Technologies Inc., a leading global telecommunications networking company, has successfully achieved Cable Labs certification of its CODA-45 DOCSIS 3.1 cable modem using the MxL277 Full-Spectrum Capture (FSC) digital cable front-end receiver, the MxL236 upstream programmable gain amplifier, and he Intel Puma 7 DOCSIS 3.1 SoC.

  3. Intelliconnect Introduce Field Replaceable SMA Connectors

    Intelliconnect (Europe) Ltd, the UK based specialist manufacturer of RF connectors and cable assemblies announces the introduction of a range of cost effective, field replaceable SMA and 2.9mm connectors providing solderless attachment to 0.141″ (RG402) semi rigid cables and 2.9mm connectors for 0.085″(RG405) and 0.141″ cables. Customers will find the main advantages of these connectors are assembly time saving, repeatability and performance.

  4. AtlanTecRF Launches A New Range Of Bench Instrument Satcom Line Amplifiers

    AtlanTecRF recently launched a new range of bench instrument Satcom Line Amplifiers. The range of amplifiers covers frequencies from 10MHz to 31GHz and incorporate all satcom bands including L, S, C, X, Ku and Ka.

  5. GaN Power Amplifiers Deliver 2.5 W Of Power At E-band And W-Band At 20% PAE

    Millitech recently announced the release of a new Gallium Nitride (GaN) based power amplifiers with exceptional output power and power-added efficiency (PAE) at E-Band and W-Band.

  6. New Network Time Server With Optical And Wireline Time Reference Interfaces

    TRAK Microwave recently announced the addition of the Stratum 1 Network Time Server to its wide range of product offerings. The 8461 NTP Server from TRAK Microwave helps provide a critical time synchronization bridge to Isolated Network Domains via an optical IRIG-B DC-level shift or Wireline Modulated IRIG-B link with an on-board OCXO holdover oscillator, for ultra-reliable timing.

  7. Up To 40 GHz Schottky Barrier Diodes With Low Junction Capacitances For Low, Medium, And High Barrier Applications

    SemiGen, Inc. has recently added a series of new Schottky Diodes to its expanding product offerings. SemiGen Silicon-based Schottky Diodes utilize various metal schemes to provide excellent performance for low, medium and high barrier applications through 40 GHz.

  8. Rohde & Schwarz Presents First Over-The-Air Power Measurement Solution For 5G And Wireless Gigabit Components

    Rohde & Schwarz announces the R&S NRPM OTA power measurement solution as the first solution for measuring transmit power over the air interface for 5G and wireless gigabit components. The solution enables users working in development and production to calibrate the output power of the antenna on a DUT and to test the DUT's beamforming function.

  9. ABI Research Forecasts 500 Million 5G cmWave And mmWave Subscribers Will Bring $200B In Service Revenue Through 2026

    While mobile network operators and vendors meet current market demands with LTE-A and LTE-A Pro, pre-standard 5G millimeter wave deployments are imminent.

  10. Researchers Tackle Challenge Of Communicating With Test Flights Using Weaker Frequencies

    Imagine this engineering headache: Using a wireless transmitter, you need to send 40 megabytes of data every single second (about the same amount of data as 10 YouTube videos streaming at the same time) over a distance of 100 miles.