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<B>XFdtd&reg;: 3D Electromagnetic Simulation Software</B>

XFdtd®: 3D Electromagnetic Simulation Software

XFdtd 3D EM Simulation Software provides engineers with powerful and innovative tools for modeling and EM simulation. It’s tremendously fast by leveraging NVIDIA’s most advanced CUDA-enabled GPUs. And it’s easy to use and engineered to replicate real-world processes.

XF7 simplifies workflow with a streamlined user interface, cross-platform functionality, and industry leading GPU Acceleration and MPI technology. XF7 includes XStream®, which tremendously improves EM simulation performance by leveraging the powerful NVIDIA graphics processing units (GPUs) available in modern video cards to make ultra-fast FDTD numerical computations. XStream enables XF calculations to finish in minutes as compared to hours or even days using a CPU only. XStream capability is bundled at no additional cost with XF.  Remcom has also extended XStream’s GPU capabilities with MPI technology, allowing XF to access additional GPU cards through clustering.  Combined with Unlimited Memory Support, XF7 can simulate massive problems exceeding billions of cells.

Other notable features include XACT Accurate Cell Technology, a sophisticated meshing capability for resolving the most intricate designs with fewer computational resources, and the XTend Script Library, a suite of pre-loaded and customizable scripts for creating custom features.

New! Download the 2014 version of the XF7 brochure.

IE3D - Scalable EM Simulation Solution

IE3D - Scalable EM Simulation Solution

IE3D from Mentor Graphics, formerly Zeland Software is the first SCALABLE EM design and verification platform that delivers the modeling accuracy for the combined needs of high-frequency circuit design and signal integrity engineers across multiple design domains.
<B>Varipose®:Biological Mesh Repositioning Software</B>

Varipose®:Biological Mesh Repositioning Software

VariPose® is a 3D electromagnetic simulation software that allows for the repositioning of the Male Visible Human mesh, including internal anatomical structures.

HFWorks: Powerful 3D High Frequency Simulation Inside SolidWorks&reg;

HFWorks: Powerful 3D High Frequency Simulation Inside SolidWorks®

At ElectroMagneticWorks, we work hard to bring you the power and accuracy of vector finite elements in a CAD environment that makes building a CAD model the easiest it can be. Our products are tailored to electrical and electronic engineers to allow them to focus on design and not struggle with CAD!
SonnetLab&trade; Toolbox For MATLAB&reg;

SonnetLab™ Toolbox For MATLAB®

SonnetLab™ is a free MATLAB® toolbox that enables users to control and automate Sonnet's 3D planar high frequency electromagnetic (EM) simulator. Users can manipulate every aspect of a Sonnet project from within the MATLAB environment. SonnetLab is fully compatible with all Sonnet Suites product levels, including our free version, Sonnet Lite.


EM.CUBE's CUBECAD is a comprehensive 3-D parametric CAD modeler with the capability to import and export standard CAD formats (STEP, IGES, STL, VRML, OpenFlight, DEM, etc.). This allows for native construction of structures along with the ability to fly in external CAD models with ease.
Modular 3-D Simulation And Design: EM.CUBE&trade;: 2013 Edition

Modular 3-D Simulation And Design: EM.CUBE™: 2013 Edition

EM.CUBE™ utilizes a modular approach to the solution of large-scale electromagnetic problems. This powerful software suite features a number of computational modules built upon a common framework that work together seamlessly to provide practical solutions to system-level RF problems.  Each computational module has been optimized to address a certain class of electromagnetic structures based on a particular numerical technique.

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Product Brochure: EM.CUBE Modular 3-D Simulation And Design Environment
EM.CUBE Demo Download And Installation Instructions

<I>EM</i>CUBE Modular 3-D Simulation And Design Environment

EMCUBE Modular 3-D Simulation And Design Environment

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