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  • Using Enhanced Load-Pull Measurements For Base Station Power Amplifier Designs

    The concept of load-pull simulation is where a load or source impedance is swept by an active device and its performance is measured. Recently, advancements have been made to data file formats by load-pull measurement system vendors to expand the usefulness of load-pull characterization. These new file formats support a sweep of an independent variable such as input power, DC bias, temperature, or tone spacing, in addition to the swept source or load impedance. The NI AWR Design Environment™ software enables designers to import and manipulate these load pull data sets in a circuit simulator which greatly simplifies and speeds the design process, and gives them a broader design space to explore. This white paper covers in-depth information on how to use enhanced load-pull measurements for base station power amplifier designs.

  • Flexible Radar Target Generation Using COTS Test Equipment
    Flexible Radar Target Generation Using COTS Test Equipment

    With the recent introduction of the R&S®SMW200A microwave vector signal generator, Rohde & Schwarz now offers a novel approach to flexibly and conveniently generate multiple radar target echoes for systems up to 20 GHz.  When used in combination with the R&S®FSW signal and spectrum analyzer, these commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) test instruments can be configured to support flexible radar target generation including range and target velocity emulation.

  • Modern Architecture Advances Vector Network Analyzer Performance
    Modern Architecture Advances Vector Network Analyzer Performance

    This white paper discusses the limitations of prior VNA architectures and how Anritsu differentiates their line of analyzers through the use of high-frequency technology. 

  • 802.11ad – WLAN at 60 GHz
    802.11ad – WLAN at 60 GHz

    Data rates in the range of several Gigabit/s are needed to transmit signals like uncompressed video signals. Amendment 802.11ad to the WLAN standard defines the MAC and PHY layers for very high throughput (VHT) in the 60 GHz range. This white paper provides an introduction to the technology behind 802.11ad and highlights the test and measurement requirements.

  • Recent History And Current Trends In GaN Reliability Testing

    Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology is growing to be the essential technology of choice in applications ranging from space and military systems to consumer electronics. As the technology in GaN devices matures, the long-term reliability issues must be tested and addressed. Test system capabilities must expand to perform not only traditional elevated temperature life testing, but must also allow for in-situ performance-degradation characterization with age. Accel-RF’s platform solution is the only available integrated instrument that can demonstrate a compliance with aerospace, government, and commercial RF semiconductor life-test standards with all desired capabilities.

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