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  • Using External Filters To Maintain Sensitivity In Highly Dynamic Measurement Environments
    Using External Filters To Maintain Sensitivity In Highly Dynamic Measurement Environments

    Analyzing and measuring weak radio signals requires high sensitivity, and often necessitates the presence of strong radio signals. Unfortunately, this constraint leads to over modulation of modern measuring receivers and signal analyzers. It is therefore important to be able to recognize in-band and out-of-band interference, which can be done through the use of modulation effects in the form of harmonics and 2nd order intermodulation products. This application note explains the process of identifying and eliminating in-band and out-of-band interference, as well as how to use external filters in order to maintain high measurement sensitivity.

  • SkyBridge Tools Proves To Be Winning Solution For Sports Venue DAS Installation
    SkyBridge Tools Proves To Be Winning Solution For Sports Venue DAS Installation

    As part of a new upgrade for a basketball arena in a large state university, the wireless network was to be improved to provide spectators with more venue coverage and capacity, particularly for high-bandwidth services. In order to meet this challenge, test tools were needed that could simplify the complexity of collecting thousands of traces to verify DAS installations as quickly as possible. The Anritsu Site Master™ handheld cable and antenna analyzers, PIM Master™ portable passive intermodulation analyzer, and the award-winning SkyBridge Tools™ Test Manager were used to reduce project testing time by 70 percent.

  • On-Orbit Satellite RF Measurements
    On-Orbit Satellite RF Measurements

    At the beginning of 2015, around 1200 satellites were fully operational in orbit around the planet, half of which were communication satellites. This number of satellites is expected to expand at a progressive rate within the next years. In order ensure proper performance in the satellite transponders in the payload, on-orbit measurements must be made as a part of maintenance. This application note focuses on satellite post-launch or on-orbit measurements, and monitoring strategies used for satellite functionality checks when running maintenance routines.

  • Solving Oscillator Frequency Pops (Perturbation)

    This aplication note offers two solutions to dealing with abruptly jumps -- up or down -- in oscillator frequency, causing a lost PLL lock or a variety of other system-related problems.

  • White Paper: BTS System Line Sweep And PIM Testing In this current exciting cellular industry, cellular system performance requirements are at an all time high. We have all experienced dropped calls and poor quality connections while using our cellular devices and these frustrating performance problems directly contribute to subscriber churn, sometimes to a level exceeding 30% of the overall reasons a subscriber decides to change service providers. By Anritsu Company
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BNC RADAR Solutions BNC RADAR Solutions

Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation, a leader in RF/microwave signal generation and analysis, offers an array of signal generators, phase noise testers, and real-time spectrum analyzers as test and measurement solutions for radar applications.

R&S<sup>®</sup> ESW EMI Test Receiver R&S® ESW EMI Test Receiver

The R&S® ESW is an EMI test receiver featuring the widest dynamic range with a high 1 dB compression point and high sensitivity due to its low inherent noise. Designed to combine the functions of a full-featured analyzer and an EMI test receiver in one instrument, this device is capable of operation in the 2 Hz to 8 GHz, 2 Hz to 26.5 GHz, and 2 Hz to 44 GHz frequency ranges, and is ideal for demanding EMI certification measurements required in automotive and A&D markets.

Impedance Meter Impedance Meter
An impedance meter has been released to measure the impedance of lines from 5 to 100 kW
Power Meter Custom Boards Power Meter Custom Boards
The Krytar Power Meter is available in a wide range of custom configurations for integration into your ATE System or instrument
Broadband Matrix Switch: 20-3000 MHz Broadband Matrix Switch: 20-3000 MHz

The MAS4488 is a broadband matrix switch with an 8 input, 8 output, non-blocking configuration. The system itself is comprised of a processor board, an 8x8 matrix, a LAN interface, a redundant power supply, and manual control.

Switch Matrices Switch Matrices
Advanced Control Components is your source for custom PIN diode and GAASFET-based switch matrices. With complete design and test capability to 40 GHz, we have the resources to help you develop a new design, build to an existing specification, or replace an obsolete component
High Performance Broadband Preselector For Front End Receiver And Transmit Applications: HiPerTUNER&trade; High Performance Broadband Preselector For Front End Receiver And Transmit Applications: HiPerTUNER™
What makes the HiPerTUNER™ broadband preselector unique is its ability to selectively filter a signal-of-interest in front-end receiver and transmit applications. It can also be used to provide RF filtering in software defined radios, in test bed development applications, to improve co-site radio performance, and more.
Handheld Mobile Oscilloscope: R&S Scope Rider Handheld Mobile Oscilloscope: R&S Scope Rider

Rohde & Schwarz introduces the R&S Scope Rider as the first handheld, portable oscilloscope with the functionality and feel of a state-of-the-art lab instrument. This device combines five instrument functions into a compact rugged design, making it perfect for mobile installation and maintenance applications in both the lab and the field. The Scope Rider can also function as a logic analyzer with eight additional digital channels, as a protocol analyzer with trigger and decoding capability, as a data logger and a digital multi-meter.

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