Compact 650nm Transceiver: AFBR-5972Z Compact 650nm Transceiver: AFBR-5972Z
This transceiver offers reliable data transmission at up to 100 Mbps for industrial automation and renewable energy applications with a small form factor.
UHF Telemetry Data Transceiver: RF-U-3545-TR-1 UHF Telemetry Data Transceiver: RF-U-3545-TR-1

This UHF Telemetry Data Transceiver operates in the 350 to 450 MHz frequency range and is ideal for embedded technology applications.

Transceiver Test Systems Transceiver Test Systems
The transceiver test system is the latest addition to JFW Industries' line of RF test systems. Its unique omni-directional design allows for complete interconnectivity and amplitude control, making it an ideal solution for transceiver testing.
ML5805 - Variable Data Rate FSK Transceiver With PA
The RFMD ML5805 is a single chip, fully integrated frequency shift keyed (FSK) transceiver developed for a variety of applications operating in the 5.725 GHz to 5.850 GHz unlicensed ISM Band. The ML5805 is mode-selectable for operation with digital cordless phones (DSSS or DECT) and higher data rate streaming applications such as wireless audio and video.
VHF Data Transceiver: RF-V-47-TR VHF Data Transceiver: RF-V-47-TR

This VHF Data Transceiver operates in the 46.00 to 47.00 MHz frequency range and has an RF output power of >100mW. However, its unique architecture allows the transceiver to be modified to support other frequency ranges and RF output power requirements.

UHF RF Data Transceiver: RF-U-3545-TR-2 UHF RF Data Transceiver: RF-U-3545-TR-2

This UHF RF Data Transceiver operates in the 350 to 450 MHz frequency range, has a data rate up to 80 kbps, a 500 mA (@15.0 VDC) transmit current, a 135 mA (typical) receive current, -98 dBm (typical) sensitivity, an RF transmit power of 100 mW (typical), and more.  The RF-U-3545-TR-2 UHF RF Data Transceiver measures in at 9.10” x 3.26” x 0.57”. Custom designs changes in size, data rates, frequencies, modulations, RF power output, etc. are available.

Skyworks' Helios™ family of transceivers is a group of single or multi-device cellular radio solutions that save significant space, cost, and design cycle time while providing improved performance. These highly integrated solutions are available for selected mobile handset applications.
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