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<B>Injection Current Probes</b> Injection Current Probes

The Injection Current Probe is a device used to inductively couple large RF currents into their conductors. With three separate models differing in insertion loss, aperture and frequency range, these injection probes can be used as an injection source as well as a sensitive monitoring probe for high-frequency bulk injection testing.

NBM Series Field Probes NBM Series Field Probes
Narda-STS’ family of products have been expanded with the NBM series. This family features lightweight and very rugged meters and probes with expanded calibration and capabilities from 3 kHz to over 60 GHz...
Current Probe Fixtures Current Probe Fixtures
The A.H. Systems' line of Current Probe Calibration Fixtures are a great way to keep your broadband Current Probes, and Injection Current Probes calibrated and up to date. Their rugged design ensures long life, and faultless operation over the wide calibration frequency range of 10 kHz to 1000 MHz.
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