• Microwave Office® Software Improves Heart Condition Treatment
    Microwave Office® Software Improves Heart Condition Treatment

    Meridian Medical Systems develops products that use microwave energy to generate heat, measure radiation and motion, and monitor and maintain the temperature of blood and other fluids. This application note discusses how AWR Microwave Office’s design software was recently used to develop an accurate feedback mechanism for cardiac arrhythmia.

  • Modeling The Specific Absorption Rate Distribution Of A Smartphone
    Modeling The Specific Absorption Rate Distribution Of A Smartphone

    This application models the specific absorption rate (SAR) distribution in a human head, heart, and body exposed to an electromagnetic field emitted from a handheld cellular phone operating in GSM (900 MHz and 1,800 MHz) and GPS range in a partially closed environment. In the modeling, SAM Phantom IEEE model and a realistic human head and body are used to investigate both the local and average SAR of 1 g and 10 g tissue.

  • Medical Applications Guide
    Medical Applications Guide

    This download contains information on Texas Instruments’ ability work in applications involving the consumer medical, medical imaging, medical instrumentation, connectivity solutions, and diagnostic, patient monitoring, and therapy market segments within the medical field.

  • Signal Switching for Medical Device Testing App Note
    Signal Switching for Medical Device Testing App Note

    Maintaining signal integrity is critical in medical device testing and characterization. The signal's shape, as well as its frequency, amplitude and other electrical parameters must be preserved for accurate measurement and evaluation.

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  • Ultra-Low Power Wakeup Radios And The Internet Of Things
    Ultra-Low Power Wakeup Radios And The Internet Of Things

    The growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to accelerate in the coming years, propelled by the lower cost and increasing connectivity of the network. Many of the communication devices for the IoT will have power constraints, due to their small size and the requirement to operate off small batteries for long periods of time. This paper will examine some of the requirements of such low power communication systems, the need for low power wakeup radios with example applications, and a comparison of candidate technology.

  • Combined 3D Electromagnetic And Spin Response Simulation Of MRI Systems

    This white paper addresses the benefits of using 3D electromagnetic software for simulation to accurately represent the behavior of magnetic fields used in MRIs.

  • A Four-Element 'Clover' Transceiver Array For 3 Tesla Cardiac MRI

    The design of radio frequency (RF) coils is of paramount importance to the quality and safety of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). Being the signal generator and detector of MRI, RF coils are required to generate a uniform excitation in the target during transmission and high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) during reception. In the meantime, RF coils must not cause subject overheating in in-vivo human studies. This requires that RF energy deposited inside the human body and coupled to receivers should be minimized. By Shumin Wang and Hai Lu

  • A Multiphysics Approach To Magnetron And Microwave Oven Design

    The magnetrons used in microwave ovens operate on the same frequency band as Wi-Fi equipment, and the radiation they release can interfere with the operation of wireless networks. This paper presents a multiphysics simulation of a magnetron using CST STUDIO SUITE®, with the aim of testing the electrical, magnetic, thermal and mechanical characteristics of a low-interference magnetron design. The simulation results are then compared to measurements made experimentally, and the two sets of results are shown to be in good agreement.

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LTE Tx/Rx Switches

LTE Tx/Rx Switches

Skyworks is pleased to unveil five LTE Tx/Rx switches for smartphones and tablets. The SKY13414-485LF, SKY13415-485LF, SKY13416-485LF, SKY13417-485LF and SKY13418-485LF main/diversity antenna switches cover SP4T through SP8T, and allow up to eight bands of WCDMA/LTE.

NuPower Xtender™ Bidirectional L & S Band Power Amplifier: 1.0 – 2.5 GHz, 10W, 6.9 in<sup>3</sup>

NuPower Xtender™ Bidirectional L & S Band Power Amplifier: 1.0 – 2.5 GHz, 10W, 6.9 in3

The NuPower Xtender power amplifier has been designed to improve the range and link robustness of communications systems operating in the L- and S- bands. It covers the 1-2.5 GHz frequency range and features bidirectional operation, 40 dB transmit gain, an optional 15 dB gain LNA, a compact size (3.00” x 2.00 “ x 1.15”), high efficiency GaN technology, and more.

CST Webinar Series 2014 – Exploring EM Simulation

CST Webinar Series 2014 – Exploring EM Simulation

The CST Webinar Series 2014 offers 12 free webinars that provide an insight into EM simulation and techniques to shorten the design cycle and reduce the number of costly prototypes required. No matter your level of experience, whichever webinar you attend, we think you'll benefit. Registrations for coming webinars are open and aired webinars are now available on demand.


Pulsed RF Microwave Frequency Counter/Analyzer: CNT-90XL

Pulsed RF Microwave Frequency Counter/Analyzer: CNT-90XL

This RF/Microwave frequency counter/analyzer can be used to measure, analyze, and calibrate microwave frequency, power, and pulsed RF time parameters like pulse width and PRI. This system features a graphical display and improved control over measurement.

Medical RF & Microwave Semiconductors

Medical RF & Microwave Semiconductors

Skyworks offers a large variety of RF and microwave semiconductor products for use in medical devices. Common applications include glucose monitoring, defibrillators, hearing aids, pacemakers, MRI scanners, and others.

Custom Hi-Voltage Filtered Medical Connectors

Custom Hi-Voltage Filtered Medical Connectors

By applying high-voltage resistive ink banding using a patented banding process, these medical connectors are able to withstand the 5,000 VDC hi-pot breakdown required for defibrillation monitoring and medical diagnostic equipment. 

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