• Microwave Office® Software Improves Heart Condition Treatment
    Microwave Office® Software Improves Heart Condition Treatment

    Meridian Medical Systems develops products that use microwave energy to generate heat, measure radiation and motion, and monitor and maintain the temperature of blood and other fluids. This application note discusses how AWR Microwave Office’s design software was recently used to develop an accurate feedback mechanism for cardiac arrhythmia.

  • Modeling The Specific Absorption Rate Distribution Of A Smartphone
    Modeling The Specific Absorption Rate Distribution Of A Smartphone

    This application models the specific absorption rate (SAR) distribution in a human head, heart, and body exposed to an electromagnetic field emitted from a handheld cellular phone operating in GSM (900 MHz and 1,800 MHz) and GPS range in a partially closed environment. In the modeling, SAM Phantom IEEE model and a realistic human head and body are used to investigate both the local and average SAR of 1 g and 10 g tissue.

  • Medical Applications Guide
    Medical Applications Guide

    This download contains information on Texas Instruments’ ability work in applications involving the consumer medical, medical imaging, medical instrumentation, connectivity solutions, and diagnostic, patient monitoring, and therapy market segments within the medical field.

  • Signal Switching for Medical Device Testing App Note
    Signal Switching for Medical Device Testing App Note

    Maintaining signal integrity is critical in medical device testing and characterization. The signal's shape, as well as its frequency, amplitude and other electrical parameters must be preserved for accurate measurement and evaluation.

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  • RF/Microwave Instrumentation Amplifiers Benefit from Spatially Power Combined Parallel-MMIC Amplifier Technology
    RF/Microwave Instrumentation Amplifiers Benefit from Spatially Power Combined Parallel-MMIC Amplifier Technology

    RF/Microwave Instrumentation Amplifiers are ideal for applications involving EMC radiated susceptibility testing, the medical market, materials, chemicals, and many more. This white paper discusses how these amplifiers can benefit from spatially power combined parallel-MMIC amplifier technology.

  • Combined 3D Electromagnetic And Spin Response Simulation Of MRI Systems

    This white paper addresses the benefits of using 3D electromagnetic software for simulation to accurately represent the behavior of magnetic fields used in MRIs.

  • Ultra-Low Power Wakeup Radios And The Internet Of Things
    Ultra-Low Power Wakeup Radios And The Internet Of Things

    The growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to accelerate in the coming years, propelled by the lower cost and increasing connectivity of the network. Many of the communication devices for the IoT will have power constraints, due to their small size and the requirement to operate off small batteries for long periods of time. This paper will examine some of the requirements of such low power communication systems, the need for low power wakeup radios with example applications, and a comparison of candidate technology.

  • Wearing A Wire

    Synapse uses ANSYS HFSS and the ANSYS human body model to evaluate performance of various antenna designs by modeling the complete system, including the wireless device and antenna and their interactions with the human body. By Bert Buxton, ANSYS

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LTE Tx/Rx Switches

LTE Tx/Rx Switches

Skyworks is pleased to unveil five LTE Tx/Rx switches for smartphones and tablets. The SKY13414-485LF, SKY13415-485LF, SKY13416-485LF, SKY13417-485LF and SKY13418-485LF main/diversity antenna switches cover SP4T through SP8T, and allow up to eight bands of WCDMA/LTE.

Solid State Broadband High Power RF Amplifiers

Solid State Broadband High Power RF Amplifiers

Ophir RF offers Solid State Broadband High Power RF Amplifiers for EMC, Communications, and Military applications. Links to datasheets can be found below, along with information on typical users of Ophir RF’s amplifiers, and the applications in which they’re used.

Precision Potentiometers

Precision Potentiometers

These precision potentiometers are water resistant, RoHS compliant, and feature a wide temperature operating range. They’ve specifically been designed to withstand tough industrial applications, and are especially ideal for precision applications involving industrial control, valve and pump control, joysticks, lighting control, speed control, HVAC position sensing, marine and medical equipment, and more.

Medical RF & Microwave Semiconductors

Medical RF & Microwave Semiconductors

Skyworks offers a large variety of RF and microwave semiconductor products for use in medical devices. Common applications include glucose monitoring, defibrillators, hearing aids, heart monitors/pacemakers, MRI scanners, patient monitors, and others.

Antenna Analysis Software

Antenna Analysis Software

FEKO software is a comprehensive EM simulation tool, based on state of the art computational electromagnetics techniques. The software enables engineers to solve a wide range of electromagnetic problems.

Custom Hi-Voltage Filtered Medical Connectors

Custom Hi-Voltage Filtered Medical Connectors

High voltage resistive ink banding is applied using our patented banding process (for Pi configurations). (US Patent 7,212,394 B2) With this process we are able to withstand 3,000 VDC Hi-Pot Breakdown required for defibrillation monitoring and medical diagnostic equipment.

MCP6N11 Instrumentation Amplifier

MCP6N11 Instrumentation Amplifier

This instrumentation amplifier features an operating voltage range of 1.8V to 5.5V, an extended temperature range of -40 to +1250C, no common mode crossover distortion, gain set by two external resistors, rail-to-rail input and output, and more. This amplifier is ideal for signal and sensor conditioning, instrumentation, high side current sensor, Wheatstone bridge sensors, and power control loop applications in commercial, medical, and industrial markets.

Broadband Amplifier Systems: 7000 Series

Broadband Amplifier Systems: 7000 Series

Ophir RF’s 7000 series consists of ten different broadband amplifier systems covering a wide frequency range. Each model features variations in output power, harmonics, spurious signal parameters, and more. These amplifiers are ideal for both military and commercial applications.

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  • Researchers Design First Battery-Powered Invisibility Cloaking Device

    Researchers at The University of Texas at Austin have proposed the first design of a cloaking device that uses an external source of energy to significantly broaden its bandwidth of operation.

  • Graphene-Based Nano-Antennas May Enable Networks Of Tiny Machines

    Networks of nanometer-scale machines offer exciting potential applications in medicine, industry, environmental protection and defense, but until now there’s been one very small problem: the limited capability of nanoscale antennas fabricated from traditional metallic components.

  • A New Paradigm For Nanoscale Resolution MRI

    A team from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Northwestern University has devised a novel nuclear magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technique that delivers a roughly 10­ nanometer spatial resolution. This represents a significant advance in MRI sensitivity — modern MRI techniques commonly used in medical imaging yield spatial resolutions on the millimeter length scale.

  • Molex Introduces Temp-Flex Ultra-Low-Loss Flexible Microwave Coaxial Cable

    Molex Incorporated has launched a line of microwave cable assemblies that utilizes our Temp-Flex air-dielectric ultra-low-loss flexible microwave coaxial cables featuring a patented dual monofilament air-enhanced design and a helically wrapped shield.

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