RF Transistor RF Transistor
Designed for CDMA and TDMA applications in the PCS band, model PTF10112 is an RF transistor that features gold top metal and gold bond wires
800-1000 MHz 12W P-Band Radar Transistor 800-1000 MHz 12W P-Band Radar Transistor
The IB0810M12 is a 12 watt, common base silicon bipolar transistor intended to operate in class C mode over the instantaneous operating frequency band of 870-990 MHz
TAN350 Avionics Transistor TAN350 Avionics Transistor
APT-RF’s Avionics Transistor, 350W, Class C, common base power transistor is designed for broadband TACAN systems covering 960-1215 MHz with 10uS, 10% pulsing at Vcc = 50V
 450MHz 500W UHF Radar Transistor 450MHz 500W UHF Radar Transistor
The high power pulsed radar transistor device part number IB450S500 is designed for UHF radar systems operating at 450 MHz. While operating in class C mode this common base device supplies a minimum of 500 watts of peak pulse power under the conditions of 30us pulse width and 10% duty cycle. All devices are 100% screened for large signal RF parameters...
SKY65050-372LF - Low-Noise Transistor SKY65050-372LF - Low-Noise Transistor
The SKY65050-372LF is a high performance, low noise, n-channel, depletion mode pHEMT, fabricated from Skyworks advanced pHEMT process and packaged in a miniature 4-lead SC-70 package. The transistor's low noise figure,high gain and excellent third order intercept (IP3) allows this transistor to be used in various receiver and transmitter applications.
NPN Wideband Silicon RF Transistor: BFU630F NPN Wideband Silicon RF Transistor: BFU630F
NXP offers a complete portfolio of SiGe:C wideband transistors for maximum performance and design flexibility, and the BFU630F product is a good example of it. This BFU630F wideband transistor delivers extremely low noise and high maximum gain, making it ideal for sensitive RF receivers in high-performance applications such as next-generation cell phones. At the same time, the high operating frequencies are ideal for use in microwave applications in the 10 to 30 GHz range, such as satellite TV receivers and automotive collision avoidance radar. NXP’s innovative silicon-germanium-carbon (SiGe:C) BiCMOS processes enable this outstanding performance, combining the performance of gallium-arsenide (GaAs) technologies with the reliability of silicon-based processes.
High L-Band Series Transistors High L-Band Series Transistors
The High L-Band series transistors from Advanced Power Technology consists of three model types: 1517-20M, 1517-110M, and 1517-250M which cover the frequency for High L-Band Radar Applications from 1480 to 1650 MHz with a pulsed output power of 20W, 110W, and 250W respectively...
RF Transistors RF Transistors
Wideband RF transistors are optimized for amplification of DAB and DAR signals
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