VHF Transistors VHF Transistors
Integra’s lineup of VHF - VDMOS silicon MOSFET power transistors boasts performance unmatched by any other vendor. These common source power transistor devices offer the highest pulsed RF power and smallest circuit footprint available in any VHF - VDMOS silicon MOSFET high power transistors.
800-1000 MHz 12W P-Band Radar Transistor 800-1000 MHz 12W P-Band Radar Transistor
The IB0810M12 is a 12 watt, common base silicon bipolar transistor intended to operate in class C mode over the instantaneous operating frequency band of 870-990 MHz
Insulated-gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBTS) Insulated-gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBTS)

Richardson RFPD’s Insulated-gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBTS) use Microsemi’s leading-edge Power MOS 8™ technology and offer a dramatic reduction of twenty percent or more, in total switching and conduction losses as compared to competitive solutions.

2731-100M Bipolar/LDMOS Transistor 2731-100M Bipolar/LDMOS Transistor
The 2731-100M is a high performance, common base, class C output stage offering 100W of peak power, 40% collector efficiency, excellent 8.0 dB power gain flatness, and a hermetically-sealed high reliability package for Air Traffic Control and Military Radar applications...
960-1215 MHz 500W Avionics TACAN Transistor 960-1215 MHz 500W Avionics TACAN Transistor
The high power pulsed transistor device part number IB0912M500 is designed for systems operating over the instantaneous bandwidth of 960-1215 MHz. While operating in class C mode under TACAN pulsing conditions and Vcc=50V, this common base device supplies a minimum of 500 watts of peak pulse power. It utilizes a low loss internal input impedance matching structure to yield maximum device gain and to ease the implementation of external matching circuitry. The new generation bipolar transistor geometry utilizes a gold metallization system to achieve maximum reliability. Emitter ballast resistance is incorporated on the active cell for optimum thermal distribution and maximum reliability. All transistors are 100% screened for large signal RF parameters.
GaN MMIC Amplifiers/Transistors GaN MMIC Amplifiers/Transistors

Northrop Grumman’s first three entries in their GaN MMIC Amplifiers/Transistors have been developed for defense and commercial ground satellite communications terminal markets and the commercial wireless infrastructure market. These GaN MMIC Amplifiers/Transistors are ideal for several applications including point-to-point radio, phased-array radar, Military SatCom, and point-to-multipoint communications, SATCOM terminals, and more. Links to datasheets of the amplifiers that make up this line can be found below.

RF Transistor: 2729GN-500V RF Transistor: 2729GN-500V

Microsemi’s 2729GN-500V RF transistor is based on GaN on SiC technologies and targeted at high-power air traffic control airport surveillance radar applications. The 2729GN-500V delivers unparalleled performance of 500W of peak power with 12 dB of power gain and 53% drain efficiency over band 2.7 to 2.9 GHz band.

Low Noise Discrete Transistor: SKY65053-377LF Low Noise Discrete Transistor: SKY65053-377LF
The SKY65053-377LF is a high performance, n-channel lownoise transistor. The device is fabricated from Skyworks advanced depletion mode pHEMT process and is provided in a 2 x 2 mm, 4-pin Quad Flat No-Lead (QFN) package.
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