HF50-250 Bipolar Power Transistor HF50-250 Bipolar Power Transistor
The HF50-250 is a 50V epitaxial silicon NPN planar transistor designed primarily for SSB communications. This device utilizes emitter ballasting to achieve extreme ruggedness and reliability.
VRF152 -- RF Power Vertical MOSFET Transistor VRF152 -- RF Power Vertical MOSFET Transistor
The new VRF152 from Microsemi is a gold-metalized silicon n-channel RF power transistor designed for broadband commercial and hi-rel applications requiring high power and gain without compromising reliability, ruggedness, or inter-modulations distortion. It can operate up to 175MHz at 150W with a typical gain of 13dB at very high efficiency on a 50V DC supply.
NPN Wideband Silicon RF Transistor: BFU630F NPN Wideband Silicon RF Transistor: BFU630F
NXP offers a complete portfolio of SiGe:C wideband transistors for maximum performance and design flexibility, and the BFU630F product is a good example of it. This BFU630F wideband transistor delivers extremely low noise and high maximum gain, making it ideal for sensitive RF receivers in high-performance applications such as next-generation cell phones. At the same time, the high operating frequencies are ideal for use in microwave applications in the 10 to 30 GHz range, such as satellite TV receivers and automotive collision avoidance radar. NXP’s innovative silicon-germanium-carbon (SiGe:C) BiCMOS processes enable this outstanding performance, combining the performance of gallium-arsenide (GaAs) technologies with the reliability of silicon-based processes.
UHF Transistors UHF Transistors
ntegra’s lineup of UHF silicon bipolar and MOSFET high power transistors boasts industry leading performance. These common source and common base power devices offer the highest pulsed RF power and smallest circuit footprint available in any UHF silicon bipolar and MOSFET high power transistor
GaN MMIC Amplifiers/Transistors GaN MMIC Amplifiers/Transistors

Northrop Grumman’s first three entries in their GaN MMIC Amplifiers/Transistors have been developed for defense and commercial ground satellite communications terminal markets and the commercial wireless infrastructure market. These GaN MMIC Amplifiers/Transistors are ideal for several applications including point-to-point radio, phased-array radar, Military SatCom, and point-to-multipoint communications, SATCOM terminals, and more. Links to datasheets of the amplifiers that make up this line can be found below.

High Power 1214-370M Transistor High Power 1214-370M Transistor
This transistor provides RF pulsed Peak Power of 370 Watts at 330 us, 10%.
HF28-Series Bipolar Power Transistors HF28-Series Bipolar Power Transistors
Spectrum Devices is your source for low frequency high power devices. From legacy products to new designs, our 28 volt products offer drop-in equivalence to other manufacturers.
Low Noise Discrete Transistor: SKY65053-377LF Low Noise Discrete Transistor: SKY65053-377LF
The SKY65053-377LF is a high performance, n-channel lownoise transistor. The device is fabricated from Skyworks advanced depletion mode pHEMT process and is provided in a 2 x 2 mm, 4-pin Quad Flat No-Lead (QFN) package.
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