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Low Loss Test Cable: SuperFlex™ SF Series Low Loss Test Cable: SuperFlex™ SF Series
The SF series cable is a very flexible low-loss cable which can be used for temperature testing, ATE/ATS and tight routing applications. Constructed using a PTFE tape dielectric and GrooveTube® technology, this cable offers the best phase stability over temperature.
DC Cables DC Cables
These 4 pin, 9 pin, and 10 pin cable assemblies can be used to interface with many of JFW's programmable attenuators and RF switches...
Halogen-Free Coaxial Cables: ENVIROFLEX® Halogen-Free Coaxial Cables: ENVIROFLEX®

The ENVIROFLEX® line of RF coaxial cables are a halogen-free alternative to conventional PTFE coax cables.

Flexible Semi-Rigid Alternative Cables: JumpShot Flexible Semi-Rigid Alternative Cables: JumpShot
The GB Series cables are a flexible alternative to semi-rigid cables. They use the same connectors and assembly tooling used for .086 and .141 versions. These cables offer a solution to situations where compact interconnects are needed. By using the GB series cables you eliminate the cost of design and drawings which semi-rigid cables would require.
Fiber Optic Switching Systems Fiber Optic Switching Systems
Dow-Key is excited to announce a new addition to their switching product line – Model 7001 – which is the first in Dow-Key Microwave's series of fiber optic switching systems.
Low Loss In-System Cable: GrooveTube® 1 & 2 Series Low Loss In-System Cable: GrooveTube® 1 & 2 Series
This system cable is made with our industry-leading GrooveTube® technology and is used in any application where low loss and/or phase stability are critical. Uses include thermal-VAC, phased array radar, electronic warfare radar systems, space applications, and high reliability interconnects. Our rugged construction resists torque, pull and crush forces.
<b>RF Cable Assemblies</b> RF Cable Assemblies

HUBER+SUHNER helps to spend less capital on assembly equipment and logistics due to its new one-stop-shopping service.

Plastic Optocouplers Plastic Optocouplers
As one of the leaders in galvanic isolation optocoupler technology, Avago delivers optocouplers that are designed and manufactured to meet stringent power isolation requirements of industrial applications along with the industry's leading common mode rejection (CMR) of up to 40kV/µs.
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