4 Pole GPS Diplexer 4 Pole GPS Diplexer
The GPS Diplexer shown here is one of the many variations of GPS diplexers ComNav has available. The ceramic construction filter provides a temperature stable, low loss device which can with stand harsh environments at a low cost. Numerous other types are available with smaller size and /or higher isolation for different GPS applications...
AMPS Microcell Duplexer AMPS Microcell Duplexer
Narda West’s Amps Band Microcell Duplexer provides highly selective receive/transmit combining
Dual-Band Diplexer Dual-Band Diplexer
LTF3216D-F series dual-band frequency separators are available with carrier frequencies from 800 MHz to 2 GHz
GPS Diplexer GPS Diplexer
Trans Tech, Inc. offers a new, GPS diplexer for systems utilizing both L1 (1575 MHz) and L2 (1227 MHz).
W-CDMA Duplexer (856450)
W-CDMA Duplexer (856450).
400-500 MHz Ruggedized Cavity Diplexer 400-500 MHz Ruggedized Cavity Diplexer

This cavity diplexer features a compact size, a ruggedized package for Hi-Rel environments, high isolation and small separation between channels, and more. It operates in the 400-500 MHz frequency range and is ideal for airborne, ship, or vehicle mount applications in military environments.

Low Pass/High Pass Diplexer: DPX-0508 Low Pass/High Pass Diplexer: DPX-0508

This broadband low pass/high pass diplexer is capable of multiplexing low frequency (DC-5 GHz) and high frequency (8-18 GHz) signals. It features broadband performance, a lightweight and compact design, low insertion loss, and high isolation between low pass and high pass ports.

Ku-Band Integrated Duplexer and Low Noise Amplifier Ku-Band Integrated Duplexer and Low Noise Amplifier
e2v technologies have developed a Ku-band Duplexer, with integrated Low-Noise Amplifier (LNA), and integrated monitoring within the receiver sub-system...
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