25N/FR: Ceramic-Filled Composite Materials 25N/FR: Ceramic-Filled Composite Materials
Arlon 25N and 25FR are woven fiberglass reinforced, ceramic-filled composite materials engineered for use in microwave and RF multilayer printed circuit boards.
AD300A: PTFE/Woven Fiberglass/Micro-Ceramic Filled Laminate AD300A: PTFE/Woven Fiberglass/Micro-Ceramic Filled Laminate
AD300A is a woven fiberglass reinforced PTFE/Microfine Ceramic composite material and is a significant improvement in cost/performance over traditional fluoropolymer-glass laminates. This combination offers designers an advantage for improving electrical performance through the use of advanced material without the additional cost traditionally associated with higher performance...
Ceramic Quartz Crystal Ceramic Quartz Crystal
The C3 packaged Ceramic Quartz Crystal is an excellent low cost tight tolerance crystal with a footprint designed for high density surface mounting.
CLTE-AT: Commercial Ceramic PTFE Composite CLTE-AT: Commercial Ceramic PTFE Composite
CLTE-AT represents the commercial version of the CLTE product line. CLTE-AT uses the common building blocks developed CLTE-XT, but, with some changes to make the product more affordable. This results in a higher dielectric constant (3.00) and a slightly different thickness than the CLTE-XT. To maintain its lower cost base, CLTE-AT has less options for copper style and panel sizes.
<B>Trans-Tech</b> Trans-Tech

Skyworks Solutions, through Trans-Tech, its industry-leading ceramic products division, designs and manufactures a complete line of RF and microwave components for commercial markets. With over 50 years of experience, we offer a complete line of high quality, low-cost ceramic-based components for a number of RF and microwave markets including wireless communications, infrastructure, military, cable television, broadband access, circuit miniaturization, technical powder and ingots.

Ceramic Material
Three grades of material from this product family, including the RT/duroid 6006 (er =6.15), RT/duroid 6002 (er =2.94) and 6010 (er =10.2, were developed to reduce the size of circuit boards
High Performance Custom Ceramics High Performance Custom Ceramics
Our 10BCR4B-f0/BW-L is an innovative, high performance bandpass filter. Featuring 10 resonators and cross-coupled zeroes, this innovative custom design in a compact leadless package may be what you need for your unique application...
Ceramic Quartz Crystal (2.5x4.0mm) Ceramic Quartz Crystal (2.5x4.0mm)
The C4 series ceramic quartz crystal provides a broad range of frequencies. The ceramic quartz crystal is a robust low profile package perfect for tight board space.
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