MtronPTI offers custom harsh environment RF/microwave filters – digitally tuned, cavity, LC, crystal, ceramic – and low noise oscillators – crystal, TCXO, VCXO, OCXO, GPS and IEEE-1588 locked – for Mil/Aero communication, Internet datacom, and instrumentation applications. Vertically integrated with complete control of basic material science, design and manufacturing, MtronPTI uses close working relationships to reduce risk and lower cost for your application.

MtronPTI has more than 40 years experience supplying frequency control and filter products into high reliability Military and Aerospace programs.

MtronPTI was the first North American frequency control company to receive ISO-9001 certification. The MIL-STD-790 certified Yankton facility has been QPL for Crystals (MIL-PRF-3098) since 1967, and just recently achieved Oscillator certification to MIL-PRF-55310. The Orlando facility has excelled in research and development, including numerous government research grants. This research has resulted in industry leading planar microwave filters, low phase noise oscillators, high shock oscillators, and low-g sensitivity oscillators.

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