Multi-User Operating System Diplexer Multi-User Operating System Diplexer

Trans-Tech Inc., Skyworks' ceramic products division, offers the new Multi-User Operating System Diplexer designed with PW handling up to 15 W CW. The system can be customized to either surface mount technology (SMT) or connectorized options according to the application requirements.

DVB Satellite Receiver: R&S® AVG050 DVB Satellite Receiver: R&S® AVG050

This  system has two compact DVB-S and DVB-S2 satellite demodulators that are able to receive up to two satellite feeds containing transport streams. Encryption decoding is made possible via two CI (common interface) slots which can accommodate several different conditional access modules so that two different encryption methods can be done simultaneously.

2x2 RF Agile Transceiver: AD9361 2x2 RF Agile Transceiver: AD9361

Because of its programmability and wideband capability, the AD9361 RF agile transceiver by Analog Devices is particularly ideal for point-to-point communication systems, femtocell/picocell/microcell base stations, and in general-purpose radio systems. The device covers the 70 MHz to 6.0 GHz range and is comprised of integrated frequency synthesizers and an RF front end.

RF Over Fibre Component Modules - StingRay RF Over Fibre Component Modules - StingRay

ETL Systems' standalone component StingRay RF over fibre module offers a low cost and compact space saving solution for links up to 10 km (Link budget 4 dB). They are ideal for smaller teleports, video head ends, TVRO and other single/few feed medium/long haul distribution applications.

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