• FEKO Suite 7.0
    FEKO Suite 7.0

    FEKO Suite 7.0 sees the addition of a Finite Difference Time Domain (FDTD) solver to its comprehensive set of powerful computational methods as well as the hybridization of the Multilevel Fast Multipole Method (MLFMM) with Physical Optics (PO). Three new import file formats are also now available.

  • Savant – Installed Performance Analysis of Antennas
    Savant – Installed Performance Analysis of Antennas

    Savant is a sophisticated computational electromagnetics (CEM) tool that predicts the performance of antennas mounted on electrically-large platforms.

  • Installed Antenna Modeling Software: Savant
    Installed Antenna Modeling Software: Savant

    Savant is a type of simulation software used to predict installed antenna performance and antenna-to-antenna coupling in complex environments. Its multicore, GPU and MPI parallelized engine accounts for all of the important effects that need to be taken into consideration, including creeping waves, curved surface ray divergence correction, blockage, diffraction, multi-bounce, and PTD wedge correction.

  • Virtuoso Analog Design Software
    Virtuoso Analog Design Software

    The Cadence® Virtuoso® Analog Design Environment software gives its users the ability to create manufacturing-robust designs. Its script-driven mode features maximum efficiency, and the software’s learning curve has been reduced with a simulator-independent environment. Additional features include quick circuit problem detection through a clear visualization cockpit, an accelerated debug process with a variety of built-in analog analysis tools, and facilitated design-correction through easy comparison of pre- and post-parasitic extracted designs. These features, and more, allow the Virtuoso Analog Design Software to set the standard in fast and accurate design verification.

  • Antenna Placement Software
    Antenna Placement Software

    The challenges involved with measuring an antenna’s radiation characteristics when it’s mounted on a large platform stem from the fact that it’s very difficult to accurately simulate an antenna’s interaction with an electrically large environment.


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