• <B>Wireless InSite: EM Propagation Software for Wireless Communication Planning</B>
    Wireless InSite: EM Propagation Software for Wireless Communication Planning

    Wireless InSite is site-specific radio propagation software for the analysis of wireless communication systems, wireless networks, sensors, radars, and other devices that transmit or receive radio waves.  Its suite of ray-tracing models simulates wireless propagation and communication channel characteristics in complex urban, indoor, rural and mixed environments.

    Predictive Simulation for Telecommunications and Wireless Networks:

    • 5G MIMO simulation
    • Macrocell and small cell coverage
    • Urban multipath and shadowing
    • Indoor WiFi
    • Wireless backhaul
    • LTE and WiMAX throughput analysis
    • Ad hoc networks and D2D communication                                                                               

    Versions Comparison:
    Please see Remcom’s website for a comparison of Propagation Models included in each version.

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