• <B>Wireless InSite: EM Propagation Software for Wireless Communication Planning</B>
    Wireless InSite: EM Propagation Software for Wireless Communication Planning

    Wireless InSite is site-specific radio propagation software for the analysis of wireless communication systems, wireless networks, sensors, radars, and other devices that transmit or receive radio waves.  The software provides efficient and accurate predictions of EM propagation and communication channel characteristics in complex urban, indoor, rural and mixed path environments.

    Applications range from military defense to commercial communications:

    • Base station coverage analysis
    • Shadowing and multipath effects from buildings, indoor floorplans, and terrain
    • Wireless backhaul stations
    • Radar propagation
    • Indoor WiFi
    • Moving vehicle or aircraft
    • LTE and WiMax throughput analysis
    • Tower placement for urban coverage
    • Ad-hoc and temporary networks
    • Microcell coverage

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  • Multi-Solver Passive Device Modeling Software: Blink
    Multi-Solver Passive Device Modeling Software: Blink

    Blink is the industry’s first modeling software to offer two different EM (electromagnetic) solvers for the design of passive devices. It allows IC designers to model new passive devices within a normal Cadence Virtuoso based integrated circuit design flow. It quickly characterizes spiral inductors, baluns, transformers, MIM caps, interdigitated capacitors, and transmission lines for RFIC and mixed signal IC design.



  • NIST, Industry, Academia Partner On Next-Gen Wireless Channels

    The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has formed an international alliance with about a dozen telecommunications companies and universities to model and measure wireless channels at much higher frequencies than those used today to hasten the development of future cellphones and other devices.