• Antenna Placement Software
    Antenna Placement Software

    The challenges involved with measuring an antenna’s radiation characteristics when it’s mounted on a large platform stem from the fact that it’s very difficult to accurately simulate an antenna’s interaction with an electrically large environment.

  • Software for Electromagnetic Design: QuickWave
    Software for Electromagnetic Design: QuickWave

    QWED offers software for electromagnetic design. A 2D and 3D version is available.

  • Radar Signature Analysis Software: Signa
    Radar Signature Analysis Software: Signa

    Signa is a type of high frequency EM software that is used for advanced radar signature analysis. It can generate monostatic radar signatures for complex geometries and features a ray-tracing engine for electrically large, high fidelity models. Its multicore and MPI acceleration allows for massive runtime speedup, and it offers several types of 2D and 3D signature plots and visualizations.

  • RF Cosite Modeling Software: EMIT
    RF Cosite Modeling Software: EMIT

    EMIT (electromagnetic interference toolkit) is a type of simulation software used to predict EMI (electromagnetic interference) in complex RF environments containing multiple transmitters and receivers, and to predict in-band and out-of-band interference effects for all Tx/Rx (transmitter/receiver) pairs in the scene.

  • Virtuoso Analog Design Software
    Virtuoso Analog Design Software

    The Cadence® Virtuoso® Analog Design Environment software gives its users the ability to create manufacturing-robust designs. Its script-driven mode features maximum efficiency, and the software’s learning curve has been reduced with a simulator-independent environment. Additional features include quick circuit problem detection through a clear visualization cockpit, an accelerated debug process with a variety of built-in analog analysis tools, and facilitated design-correction through easy comparison of pre- and post-parasitic extracted designs. These features, and more, allow the Virtuoso Analog Design Software to set the standard in fast and accurate design verification.


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