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180° Hybrid Coupler: AH180-020180 180° Hybrid Coupler: AH180-020180

The AH180-020180 from AtlanTecRF is a stripline hybrid coupler covering the 2 – 18 GHz frequency range. It provides 180 degree phase shift, and in-phase outputs from two combined signals with a maximum amplitude unbalance of ± 1.2 dB, and maximum phase unbalance of 12 degrees.

3dB Hybrid Couplers: TEMline™ Series 3dB Hybrid Couplers: TEMline™ Series

API Technologies’ TEMlineTM series of 3dB hybrid couplers have an average power rating of 1000W and are normalized at 1GHz. They also feature 1 dB maximum unbalance and 90 degree phase differential between outputs. They’ve been designed to meet MIL-E-5400 Class 3 and are screenable to MIL-P-23971, making them an ideal solution for telecommunications and radar applications.

Outdoor Ready Passive Splitters/Combiners Outdoor Ready Passive Splitters/Combiners

ETL Systems offers a new series of outdoor ready, IP67 rated RF power splitters and RF power combiners designed to cover the Ku and wideband frequency ranges. With 2-way, 3-way, and 4-way capacity options, these passive splitters/passive combiners are available in models with 10 MHz and DC pass on all ports, or 10 MHz and DC pass on one port. All units are provided with 50 ohm N-Type or SMA connector types, and are ideal for outdoor applications involving telecom infrastructures, satellite systems, microwave links, and radar networks.

Lumped Component Filters Lumped Component Filters

PDI’s lumped component filters cover the 0.5 MHz to 3500 MHz frequency range. They’re ideal for applications involving radar, airborne vehicle systems, satellite systems, radio receivers, and down-hole systems.

2 to 7 Channel Switched Filter Banks 2 to 7 Channel Switched Filter Banks

In addition to their standard line of switched filter banks, API technologies recently unveiled a new line with customer-specified frequency coverage from 2 to 7 channels. They cover the 20 MHz to 7500 MHz frequency range with ultimate rejection up to 20 GHz. Low insertion loss and high isolation are achieved through mechanically channelized PIN diode switch manifolds, and lumped element filters have been integrated for increased rejection.

Diplexers/Multiplexers with Reduced Prototyping Diplexers/Multiplexers with Reduced Prototyping

Diplexers and multiplexers are used to either separate or combine two different frequencies that are similar in range to one another. While bandpass filters can also be used to combine and separate signals, they’re only ideal for use with frequencies that are far apart from one another.

L-Band Passive Equalizers L-Band Passive Equalizers

ETL Systems offers a series of L-band positive slope equalizers in the 50 ohm or 75 ohm impedance range. These passive equalizers are available with DC block or pass between the two ports, and have slope options in 1 dB increments over the 1 to 10 dB range. All of these devices are available with 50 Ω or 75 Ω SMA, BNC and N-type connector options. They are ideal for telecom infrastructure, satellite systems, microwave links, test and instrumentation, military communications, and radar network applications.

MLDD 4-Way Power Dividers: 7030400/K MLDD 4-Way Power Dividers: 7030400/K

KRYTAR’s 7030400 and 7030400K 4-way power dividers cover the 3 to 40 GHz frequency range. Each model weighs just 4.1 oz. and measures in at 2.64” x 2.30” x 0.40”. The standard model (7030400) with 2.4mm coaxial female connectors and the 7030400K comes with 2.92mm “K” female connectors.

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