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Welcome to RF Globalnet's IMS2015 Resource Center, your guide to the 2015 IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium.

This year's event will take place from May 17 - 22 in Phoenix, AZ. As always, it boasts a strong technical program covering the latest research, development, and trends in the RF and microwave industry, along with an exhibition of the newest technologies and services available.

So take a look around this resource center. Plan your trip to IMS2015. Get a small taste of what the event will hold. And, if you go to the show, stop by and visit us at BOOTH 1022. Among other things, you can register to win an Elite Edition Parrot AR Drone Quadricopter in RF Globalnet's IMS2015 giveaway. We look forward to seeing you in Phoenix!


IMS Resource Center

IMS Resource Center

RF Globalnet's IMS resource center is comprised of the latest products, news, articles, and video coverage from this and past year's shows. Click here to access it.

Non-Blocking RF Switch Matrix

Non-Blocking RF Switch Matrix

A non-blocking RF switch matrix is more complex than the blocking type, but it’s also more flexible.  In this configuration, an input can be switched to multiple outputs.  One input can in fact be switched to all of the outputs at once.  This provides an extra degree of flexibility compared to the blocking architecture.  However, a non-blocking architecture still has the limitation of not allowing two or more inputs to be switched to the same output.  Input 1 for example can be simultaneously switched to every output or selectively switched to several outputs at once, but no other input can be switched to any of the same outputs.

High Performance Amplifiers from Teledyne Microwave Solutions

High Performance Amplifiers from Teledyne Microwave Solutions

High Performance Amplifiers from Teledyne Microwave Solutions.

GaN Wideband Power Amplifier: NPA1006

GaN Wideband Power Amplifier: NPA1006

The NPA1006 is a 20 - 1000 MHz, wideband GaN power amplifier. This amplifier has output levels to 12.5 W (41 dBm) and is specifically designed for saturated and linear operation.

GORE-FLIGHT Microwave Assemblies

GORE-FLIGHT Microwave Assemblies

GORE-FLIGHT™ Microwave Assemblies are cable solutions designed with an internally ruggedized construction made to withstand concentrated loads well in excess of those specified by MIL-T-81490. The cables are flexible and inherently resistant to over-bending, making the cables easier to install within the confines of an aircraft. GORE-FLIGHT™ Microwave Assemblies are available in Standard Series or 6 Series.

Vector Network Analyzers: MS4640B Series

Vector Network Analyzers: MS4640B Series

Anritsu’s MS4640B vector network analyzers (VNAs) are a part of the VectorStarTM family, and provide the highest overall performance on a modern analyzer platform. They cover the 70 kHz to 70 GHz frequency range and offer 2.5 ns pulse resolution with a 100 dB dynamic range.


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  • Industry’s Largest Line Of Tactical Radio Booster Amplifiers
    Industry’s Largest Line Of Tactical Radio Booster Amplifiers

    Chris Heavens, vice president and general manager of AR Modular RF, talked to us about his division's line of tactical radio booster amplifiers. Of particular interest were two new products launched this year — the AR20R covering the 225 MHz to 1.9 GHz frequency range with a 20 watt output, and the AR55L, which covers the same frequency range with 50 watts output.

  • Signal Sources And Phase Noise Test Systems
    Signal Sources And Phase Noise Test Systems

    There are many unique features specific to Berkeley Nucleonics’ microwave signal sources and phase noise test systems that give them an edge over their competition. At IMS 2014, Alex Palm spoke to us about what some of those features are and how they’re able to set themselves apart from their competitors. Check out the video to learn more. 

  • LNAs With Best-In-Class Noise Figure And High Gain
    LNAs With Best-In-Class Noise Figure And High Gain Aroonchat Chatchaikarn of Skyworks introduces us to a brand new and exciting line of ultra-low noise amplifiers ideal for cellular infrastructure, wireless connectivity, and broadcast communications. Their best-in-class noise figure and high gain and linearity help to greatly improve receiver sensitivity and dynamic range, making them ideal for integration into applications involving wireless communications. Watch the video to learn more.
  • New VNA For Applications Running Above 110 GHz
    New VNA For Applications Running Above 110 GHz

    This year at IMS, Steve Reyes with Anritsu talked to us about a new broadband vector network analyzer that covers the 70 kHz to 145 GHz in a single sweep. If any of your work involves on-wafer device characterization for E band wireless communications or other emerging applications that run above 110 GHz, then this one is for you.

  • Amplifiers With Unprecedented SWaP
    Amplifiers With Unprecedented SWaP

    Jon Jacocks, president and CEO of Empower RF Systems introduces us to their line of power amplifiers in the frequency ranges of 6 GHz and below.

  • A System Assembly And Modeling Approach To EM Simulation
    A System Assembly And Modeling Approach To EM Simulation CST of America offers EM simulation software for a wide variety of applications. Martin Timm spent a few minutes with us to talk about his company's system assembly and modeling approach to EM simulation. We also get a closer look at a biomedical application and how CST can help you handle an entire setup with electromagnetic and thermal simulation data all in one interface.
  • AR Updates And Improves Amplifier Offerings
    AR Updates And Improves Amplifier Offerings

    AR's Joe Diesso gives us an update on what's been going on with his company recently. Watch the video to hear about a recent facility expansion that gave AR the ability to produce 1000 watt amplifiers, the now smaller and more energy efficient W-series of amplifiers covering the 80 to 1000 MHz frequency range, and much more.

  • Generator And Analyzer Setup for High-Volume Testing Applications
    Generator And Analyzer Setup for High-Volume Testing Applications

    Lawrence Wilson of Rohde & Schwarz introduced us to the SGT vector signal generator and the FPS signal and spectrum analyzer for high-volume testing applications. He gave us some interesting information on the SGT's specifications and performance capabilities before turning things over to Rich Pieciak to discuss the FPS. Watch the video to learn more.

  • Attenuation Made Easy
    Attenuation Made Easy

    Bryan Walker with JFW closed out our IMS 2015 coverage with a short and sweet demo of the ease-of-use of their 50P2014 SMA attenuator.

  • Switch, Amplify, Split, Route
    Switch, Amplify, Split, Route

    Dominic Overton and Dr. Esen Bayar took a few minutes out of day three of IMS in 2015 to familiarize us with their wide range of offerings. Watch the video for an overview of solutions designed for telecoms operators, global satellite operators, and the government and military sector.

  • Broadening Their RF Portfolio
    Broadening Their RF Portfolio

    Tim Brauner with Dielectric Labs gave us an up-close view of what his company had on display at IMS in 2015. Check out the video to hear about lowpass filters, power dividers, a brand new line of directional couplers, and an SMT 6dB resistive divider.

  • Responding To Low PIM Demands
    Responding To Low PIM Demands

    On the last day of IMS 2015, CJ McBride with Corry Micronics introduced us to their 3-channel attenuator. It covers the 400 MHz to 3 GHz frequency range and was designed for a major mobile access carrier.

  • Next Gen Phase Noise Analyzer
    Next Gen Phase Noise Analyzer

    The third and final day of IMS 2015 started off with Greg Bonaguide giving us an overview of their next generation phase noise analyzer covering the 1 MHz to 26.5 GHz range.

  • Two New High-Linearity Gain Blocks
    Two New High-Linearity Gain Blocks

    Alan Ake with Guerilla RF spent a few minutes in the press room at IMS 2015 to tell us about two new broadband, high-linearity gain blocks.

  • 5G Modulated VNA Measurements
    5G Modulated VNA Measurements

    At IMS2015, Walt Strickler ran us through a demo showcasing one of their VNAs providing fully corrected and traceable measurements of a simulated 5G signal — a project that they did in cooperation with Chalmers University in Sweden.

  • Simultaneous Forward And Reverse Sweeping VNAs
    Simultaneous Forward And Reverse Sweeping VNAs

    Stan Oda with Anritsu closed out day two of our IMS coverage by giving us a closer look at the latest addition to their ShockLine™ series of VNAs.

  • Frequency And Spectrum Control
    Frequency And Spectrum Control

    Paul Dechen with MtronPTI took a few minutes out of day two of the IMS2015 exhibition to catch us up on their solutions for frequency and spectrum control.

  • Fourth Generation GaN Technology
    Fourth Generation GaN Technology

    Day 2 of the IMS 2015 exhibition brought us by M/A-COM’s booth where Greg Baker gave us an overview of his company’s recent announcement of their fourth generation GaN technology.

  • Optimal Circuit Components In A PCB
    Optimal Circuit Components In A PCB

    Day two of IMS 2015 gave us the opportunity to check in with Remcom and hear Jeff Barney talk about a new feature in their electromagnetic simulation software – a circuit element optimizer for determining optimal circuit components in a PCB layout.

  • Challenge: Accepted
    Challenge: Accepted

    Teledyne Microwave Solutions’ wide breadth of capabilities have them poised to take on any RF/microwave product challenges. This year at IMS 2015, Sean Souffie gave us some background information o his company, a quick overview of some of their capabilities, as well as some information on recent releases.

  • EM Analysis And RF System Simulation
    EM Analysis And RF System Simulation

    Shawn Carpenter with Delcross Technologies closed out day 1 of IMS 2015 with an overview of their electromagnetic analysis software designed for electrically large problems, as well as software for RF system simulation issues – particularly where cosite analysis is concerned.

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  • 7 Noteworthy Technologies From IMS2014

    At the 2014 IEEE MTT International Microwave Symposium earlier this month, I had the opportunity to speak with the event’s general chair, Dr. Larry Dunleavy, about the state of the RF and microwave design industry. While he acknowledged that it is a time of relative uncertainty — due in large part to constrained military budgets and conservative fiscal forecasts for 2014 — he also pointed out that there are plenty of emerging markets where RF and microwave technology is making a significant impact. With the Internet of Things (IoT) driving innovation in burgeoning markets like automotive and healthcare  and the development of 5G pushing wireless technology to further heights, there was good reason for nearly 600 companies to flock to the IMS2014 exhibition in Tampa, Fla.

  • The 5 Biggest Industry Trends From IMS2013

    One of the things I love about the IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium is the annual opportunity it affords us to reflect on the current state of the RF/microwave design industry. By attending a combination of keynote addresses, panel sessions, and technical presentations, and by speaking to as many exhibitors and attendees as possible, one can piece together a reasonably good mosaic of the major trends and issues shaping the industry.

  • 7 Standout Technologies From IMS2013

    Never will you find more cutting-edge RF and microwave technology on display in one place than at the IMS Exhibition. Hundreds of component manufacturers, chipmakers, instrumentation suppliers, software developers, and other technology companies fill the IMS exhibit halls, showcasing tens of thousands of products, many of which are making their first public appearance. With all due respect to the dozens of compelling technologies that did not make the list, here are seven that really turned our heads at IMS2013.

  • IMS2013: Tech Trends You Don’t Want To Miss (Even If You’re Not Going)

    Like a restaurant with way too many appealing choices on its menu, IMS poses a particular dilemma to attendees and non-attendees alike. With so many educational opportunities available over such a short period of time, which ones should you attend (if you're going)? And with so much information coming out of the symposium in the days and weeks that follow, what’s worth paying attention to or investigating further (if you're not)? I caught up with IMS2013 Technical Program Chair Lenoard Hayden to get his advice.

  • How To Get Your Paper Published At IMS – Part III

    Last time, I went over how to make life easy for the IMS reviewer so that we can increase the chances of getting a paper accepted. It is important to devote conscious effort to making it easy for the reviewer to give high scores in the originality, clarity, quantitative, and interest categories. In this column, I concentrate on the part that I feel is most important, quantitative. Note that all four parts are formally assigned equal weights when assigning scores and other reviewers might have different opinions, so this represents only my personal views on the matter.


  • How To Get Your Paper Published At IMS – Part II

    Last time, we talked about the rationale behind the IMS double-blind review system, where not only are the reviewers not known to the authors, but the authors are not (nominally) known to the reviewers. This reduces the chance of any bias on the part of the reviewer for or against any particular author. However, it also makes it harder for the reviewer to catch double publication. Now, we look at what you can do to increase chances of acceptance.

  • The 6 Biggest Technology Trends From IMS2012

    Like a kid in a candy store or a car buff at an auto show, I couldn’t get enough of the enormous amount of RF and microwave technology on display at IMS2012. This year’s show offered a retrospective look at the history of RF and microwave technology (in celebration of MTT-S’ 60th anniversary), a comprehensive exhibition of today’s best designs, and glimpse of what the future has to offer through the pioneering research presented at the show. This article covers the top technology trends I observed at IMS2012.

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