• Antenna Structure Analysis, EM.Cube Vs. Others
    Antenna Structure Analysis, EM.Cube Vs. Others

    In this article, we will review the performance of EM.CUBE’s EM.Picasso Planar MOM solver, and EM.CUBE’s EM.Tempo FDTD solver in the analysis of three antenna designs. We will look at the accuracy of the results compared against the measured results, as documented in “A Practical Guide to 3D Electromagnetic Software Tools”1. We will also review EMCUBE’s performance against other simulation tools.

  • A Novel RF Coupler For SMART Utility Meter Remote Antenna Applications

    In response to climate change nations across the globe have recognized the need for reducing their carbon emissions, and energy consumption. By Norman Smith, Gopinath Gampala & CJ Reddy

  • Installed Performance of Communication Antenna Arrays

    CST MICROWAVE STUDIO® is an electromagnetic simulation software ideal for a wide variety of applications. This white paper discusses how the software can be used to accurately predict where omnidirectional stacked bicone antenna arrays should be installed in order to minimize omnidirectional loss. This is particularly crucial in towers with multiple communication antennas, as they may have to be installed in sub-optimal positions.

  • Optimization of a Reflector Antenna System

    This white paper provides detail on how CST’s STUDIO SUITE® design/simulation software provided a workflow to optimize a reflector antenna system without having to simulate the complete model. This was made possible through the SAM (System Assembly and Modeling) feature of the design software. Download the white paper to see how it helped design, simulate, and optimize a reflector antenna system for a wide frequency band.

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IDA 2 Antenna Series

IDA 2 Antenna Series

The antennas in the IDA 2 series have been designed for detecting, analyzing, and localizing RF signals. Specifically, they’re used in eliminating faults in mobile telecommunications equipment, tracing interference in industrial plants, securing communications at large events, locating interference transmitters/jammers, localizing SOS beacons, detecting signals in security operations, monitoring signals in border protection settings, and localizing bug transmitters.

L-Band Wearable Antenna

L-Band Wearable Antenna

This antenna operates in the 1350-1390 MHz frequency range and was developed due to the increased demand for wearable antennas for L-band point-to-point/multipoint, TDMA, and Push-to-Talk applications. As L-band transceivers continue to see developments and decreases in overall size, the need for L-band wearable communications will continue to grow. For more information on Pharad’s latest entry into their wearable antenna line, download the datasheet.

LTE Wearable Antenna

This LTE wearable antenna has been designed for use in any wearable cellular communications device (including military communications) in the 700-3000 MHz frequency range. It weighs only 2 oz. and features a flexible, unobtrusive, and waterproof design.

Shielding Effectiveness Antenna Kits (Transmit / Receive) 1 KHz - 18 GHz

These Shielding Effectivness Antenna Kits are a portable and economical approach to having all the antennas required for most shielding effectiveness testing. Below are the details of what is included in each kit for the AK-285R (Receive) and the AK-285T (Transmit).

Omnidirectional Antenna for MIMO Applications: SENCITY® Rail

Omnidirectional Antenna for MIMO Applications: SENCITY® Rail

HUBER+SUHNER’s SENCITY® Rail MIMO is an omnidirectional antenna consisting of two broadband radiating elements for 2/3/4G communications and 2.4/5 GHz WiFi. It’s been designed for MIMO applications with high data rates and it can separate and direction the connection of multiple radio modules to one antenna without the need for additional power splitters of diplexers.

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