Product Showcase

  1. 350 Watt CW 0.7-6.0 GHz Solid-State Amplifier: 350S1G6

    AR’s 350S1G6 is a solid-state broadband amplifier covering the 0.7 to 6.0 GHz frequency range. When used with a sweep generator, this Class A, self-contained, air-cooled amplifier provides a minimum of 350 watts RF power. The low level of spurious signals and linearity make it ideal for use as a driver amplifier in testing wireless and communication components and subsystems.

  2. Quad-Band Satellite Simulator

    The new quad-band satellite simulator from Tampa Microwave is designed as a compact, easy to use training and evaluation tool for satellite earth terminal applications. This devices simulates C, X, and Ka-bands simultaneously at over 300 ft. of operation.

  3. Microwave Cable Assemblies

    HUBER+SUHNER supplies over 1700 different types of coaxial cables assembled with connectors in accordance to customer requirements for a variety of medical, space and defense applications. The assemblies are manufactured using high-quality cables and connectors that are carefully tested to match relevant standards, and are delivered with a certificate upon request.

  4. Passive RF Components

    Passive RF components from MegaPhase cover a wide range of frequencies, power levels, and applications.  MegaPhase offers a variety of directional couplers, power dividers/combiners, and quad hybrids in narrow band and ultra-broadband designs ranging from 0.5 MHz to 46 GHz. Their in house engineering team brings decades of experience and knowledge to the design and manufacture of RF components for military, commercial, and space applications. Features include a wide range of connector types, designs for Low PIM (Passive Intermodulation), and fast turnaround on custom designs.

    MegaPhase also offers custom design capabilities for mixers, frequency doublers, I&Q networks, Vector modulators, I/Q modulators, I/Q demodulators, phase shifters, multiplexers, beamformers, PIN diode attenuators, and switches. The MegaPhase Engineering team has over 100 years of combined experience in RF component, connector, and cable assembly design using state-of-the-art software tools and test equipment.

  5. Test Adapters

    MegaPhase offers a wide variety of test adapter solutions ideal for many defense and commercial applications operating in frequencies up to 110 GHz. Standard straight and right angle adapters are available with in-series and between-series types and with a large selection of connector options. Features include linear phase slope, low SWR, and high reliability.

  6. Cable For Bench-Top Testing: RF Orange™

    As MegaPhase’s most popular testing cable, the RF Orange™ is an excellent cost effective solution for general purpose ATE/ATS, BERT/scalar/spectrum, and oscilloscope spectrum testing applications. Constructed with the industry-leading GrooveTube® technology, this cable provides outstanding phase and amplitude stability for use in bench-top testing in large antenna labs and other test facilities where long term electrical performance must be achieved at lower costs.

  7. Clock Oscillators: M2700 And M2702 Series

    MtronPTI offers the new M2700 and M2702 Series Clock Oscillators engineered with PLL technology, offering the advantage of programming to any frequency without compromising the system performance. These oscillators also feature outstanding performance and stability over the entire temperature range.

  8. 2-6 GHz Solid State Power Amplifier: PTS6900

    The new PTS6900 Solid State Power Amplifier (SSPA) from TMD is a low band CW amplifier operating within the 2 to 6 GHz frequency range, with nominal output power of 150 W, and 55 dB of gain. Utilizing the latest advances in 0.25 µm GaN MMIC technology and low loss power combiners, this amplifier is ideally used for EW/ECM applications.

  9. High Linearity Gain Block Amplifiers With Broadband Compressed Output Power

    Guerrilla RF Inc. offers two new models of high linearity gain block amplifiers featuring a combination of simple-application schematics, flat gain, and high compressed output power with operation in the DC to 4 GHz frequency range. The GRF2012 and GRF 2013 models include flexible biasing for high levels of re-use within single designs and multiple platforms. They are ideally used as cost-effective pre-drivers for broadband GaN high power amplifiers, and for many other general purpose, high performance gain block applications.

  10. X-Band GaN Solid State Power Amplifier (SSPA): VSX3630

    CPI’s Beverly Microwave Division presents VSX3630 GaN solid state power amplifiers (SSPAs) operating in the X-band (7.8 – 9.8 GHz). These high efficiency, high power, compact amplifiers are rugged, reliable, easy to maintain, and are designed for use as TWTA replacements for military radars.