Product Showcase

  1. Transmit/Receive Front-End Module: SKY65377-11

    The SKY65377-11 is a transmit/receive (T/R) front-end module designed to provide a complete T/R train with T/R switches. Mounted in a 28-pin, 6x6mm Multi-Chip Module (MCM) surface-mount technology package, this device provides a highly manufacturable low-cost solution for many transmit/receive applications.

  2. Broadband Low-Noise Amplifier: SKY67159-396LF

    The SKY67159-396LF is an ultra-broadband low-noise amplifier designed for FDD and TDD 2G/3G/4G LTE small-cell base stations. With features such as superior gain flatness, exceptional linearity, and an internal active bias circuitry, this LNA offers the ability to externally adjust supply current and provide stable performance over temperature and process variation.

  3. Injection Current Probes

    The Injection Current Probe is a device used to inductively couple large RF currents into their conductors. With three separate models differing in insertion loss, aperture and frequency range, these injection probes can be used as an injection source as well as a sensitive monitoring probe for high-frequency bulk injection testing.

  4. Four-Bit Digital Attenuator: SKY12361-350LF

    The SKY12361-350LF is a GaAs pHEMT four-bit broadband digital attenuator featuring an operating frequency of 0.1 to 3.7 GHz, and 15 dB attenuation with 1 dB least significant bit (LSB). This digital attenuator is ideal for a wide variety of cellular 3G and 4G infrastructure applications.

  5. Broadband Current Probes

    A.H. Systems’ broadband current probes are ideal for measurement of conducted currents without making direct contact with the source conductor or metallic surface. All probes utilize the split type clamp-on design for ease and convenience of performing conducted measurements.

  6. Wideband Area Monitor: AMB-8059

    The new AMB-8059 Area Monitor is designed to monitor electromagnetic field levels in accordance with the ITU-T Recommendation K.83. The monitors can be equipped with various probes that can capture electric field strengths in the 100kHz to 7GHz frequency range.

  7. CST US Workshop Series 2015 – EM Simulation & The Internet of Things

    Within a design process, it is critical to understand the importance of Design for Manufacturing (DFM) while also ensuring product integrity through virtual prototyping. Smart Products such as IoT Devices require System Level EM Analysis solutions. Join us at the CST Workshop Series 2015 to learn how CST STUDIO SUITE®'s tightly integrated platform for 3D EM simulation is made to ensure robust designs of the most challenging system level problems within one easy-to-use interface.

  8. 32-bit PIC Microcontrollers (MCUs)

    Microchip’s 32-bit microcontroller (MCU) portfolio offers higher performance, memory, and peripherals to solve increasingly complex embedded system design challenges. With the MIPS microAptiv or M4K core, the 32-bit controllers has the ability to complete fast interrupts and context switches.

  9. Digitally Tunable LC Filter: TF0113 Series

    MtronPTI’s TF0113 Series of Digitally Tunable LC Filters are found within Vehicle Adapter Amplifiers (VAA), and can dynamically manage the RF spectrum for clear, secure information, and enhance its safety features. When handheld and manpack radios are plugged into VAAs, they can reach a range of 40 km or more.

  10. Very Low Capacitance Silicon PIN Diodes: SMP1345 Series

    The SMP1345 series is composed of surface mountable PIN diodes are specifically designed for WLAN 802.11 a/b/g applications and are ideally suited for diversity switch applications. The series has an RF performance that is assured by virtue of their very low capacitance (0.15 pF) and low resistance (1.5 Ω at 10 mA).

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