Product Showcase

  1. Miniature Advanced Military Connector Solutions: ODU AMC® Brochure

    The ODU AMC® is lightweight, non-reflective, and comes with a Push-Pull locking or Break-Away function. Integrated connector solutions such as signal, low/high voltage transmission, coax/triax, and compressed air inserts are available in individual contact configurations. Full cable assembly integrated solutions and overmolding solutions are also available for standard and customized applications.

  2. Miniature Advanced Military Connector Solutions: ODU AMC®

    The ODU AMC® is an advanced, highly reliable connector solution that is lightweight, non-reflective, and comes with a Push-Pull locking or Break-Away function. These connectors are used for communication systems in many military and security technology applications including group voice and data radio, navigation modules, soldier control units, rugged computers and handheld devices, GPS antennas, military night vision devices, unmanned systems and land vehicles.

  3. Vector Network Analyzers: PXIe-5632

    The PXIe-5632 from NI is a Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) designed for the modular, compact PXI platform. With reduced test times and highly accurate RF functionality, the VNA operates in the 300 kHz to 8.5 GHz range, and has a source power ranging from -30 dBm to +15 dBm.

  4. Cobalt Vector Network Analyzer: C1220

    The C1220 from Copper Mountain Technologies is a Cobalt Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) designed for operation with any Windows PC or laptop. This VNA covers the 100 kHz through 20 GHz frequency range, provides a dynamic range of 145 dB, and can efficiently handle advanced testing applications and S-parameter measurements.

  5. Ultra-Low Phase Noise OCXO – XO5085

    The new Ultra-Low Phase Noise OCXO – XO5085 from MtronPTI is a new addition to their frequency control and timing products. As one of the lowest phase noise OCXOs in the industry, this device is available for operation in the 50 to 200 MHz output frequency range.

  6. Contract Manufacturing Services

    dB Control offers contract manufacturing services for high-voltage assemblies, high-voltage transformers, and power supplies. A reputation for reliability, engineering experience, a modern manufacturing facility, and a stable, experienced workforce are just a few of the benefits customers experience when using dB Control’s contract manufacturing services.

  7. Ka-Band Doubler with 1W Multi-stage Amplifier: TGC4603-SM

    The TGC4603-SM is a device comprised of a frequency doubler and a multi-stage amplifier designed for operation in the 13.5 – 16 GHz frequency range. This instrument is able to achieve more than 1 Watt of output power at only 3 dBm input power due to more than 70 dBc isolation between the input and doubled output frequency.

  8. Low-Band High-Power Limiter: TGL2210-SM

    Qorvo offers a new high-power receive protection circuit, or limiter, that is capable of withstanding up to 100 W incident power levels. This limiter operates in the 0.05 to 6 GHz frequency range, and permits less than 17 dBm flat leakage to pass through while contributing less than 0.7 dB in insertion loss.

  9. GaAs/GaN Power Doubler Hybrid Amplifiers

    The RFPD3210 and the RFPD3220 are new Hybrid Power Doubler Amplifier modules from Qorvo operating within the 45 to 1218 MHz frequency range. Features include excellent linearity, high return loss performance, extremely low distortion, and low noise.

  10. GaN RF Input-Matched Transistors

    Qorvo offers a series of wideband 32 V RF input-matched transistors that are ideal for commercial and defense communications applications. These devices have an integrated matching network that allows for wideband gain and power performance, while the output is simultaneously matched to optimize power and efficiency for any region within the band.