Product Showcase

  1. Low Noise Figure X-Band AESA Core IC Solution: AWS-0101

    The AWS-0101 from Anokiwave is the newest IC in the family of X-band silicon radar quad core IC solutions designed for use in commercial radar and 5G communications markets. Acting as a 4 channel beamformer, LNA, and PA, this IC supports 4 radiating elements with dual beam Rx, single beam Tx, and provides a low noise figure in Rx mode to allow for a complete silicon RF solution in commercial AESA systems.

  2. Digital Signal Booster: 614 Series

    The 614 Series Digital Signal Booster is a TX RX system from Bird Technologies designed to operate in the UHF frequency band. Digital filters are available for both uplink and downlink, and are user programmable from 6.25 kHz to 1.5 MHz. Other filter center characteristics are fully programmable in order to meet various system and signal demands.

  3. Active Bias, Low-Noise Second Stage Amplifiers: SKY6702X-396LF

    SKY6702X-396LF GaAs, pHEMT low-noise, second stage amplifiers (LNAs) are designed to operate throughout the 0.6 to 3.0 GHz frequency range. These amplifiers feature an internal bias circuitry to provide stable performance over temperature and process variation. The GaAs pHEMT enhancement mode process provides good return loss, low noise, and high linearity performance.

  4. X-MWsystem

    The X-MWsystem from X-Microwave is a complete modular building block eco-system built from RF and microwave components, and test and production accessories to be used for product development. This system is designed “on the grid,” and is available with component simulation models, and free on-line simulation. The X-MWsystem also features a prototype station, custom RF probes, standard machine housings, and assembly accessories.

  5. Solid-State Broadband Amplifier: Model 100S1G6

    The Model 100S1G6 from AR is a solid-state broadband amplifier that operates over the 0.7 to 6 GHz frequency range, and is designed for applications where instantaneous bandwidth, high gain, and linearity are required. The low level of spurious signals and linearity of this device makes the 100S1G6 ideal for use as a driver amplifier in testing wireless and communication components and subsystems, and EMC testing applications.

  6. Microwave Power Module: dB-4150

    dB Control offers a new  dB-4150 smart microwave power module (MPM) consisting of a solid state amplifier and a vacuum power booster. It is designed to provide 100 Watts pulsed/CW RF output power, and operate in the 6 to 18 GHz frequency range.

  7. Rugged Amplifiers/Transmitters For Radar, EW And Communications

    TMD Technologies offers a broad range of rugged amplifiers and transmitters for radar, EW, and communications applications. Products in this range are fully ESS tested, and are designed specifically for harsh environments in terms of vibration, shock, and temperature extremes.

  8. Electromagnetic Field Measurements: EMF Option 0444

    EMF Option 0444, when mated together with an Anritsu handheld spectrum analyzer (MS2711E/12E/13E, MS2720T or MT8212E/13E) and an Anritsu isotropic antenna, provides a complete solution for EMF measurements. Option 0444 allows you to verify compliance with both national and international specifications relating to radiation safety. Each isotropic antenna provided with this system is individually calibrated to insure measurement accuracy. Firmware version 1.56 or later is required for the MS2711E/12E/13E and MT8212E/13E. For the MS2720T, firmware version 1.12 or later is required.The EMF option is highly automated, allowing the user to configure tests quickly and efficiently. Most features needed for test setup are available from two selection menus. Additionally, the display provides continual updates during test with pass/fail criteria set by the user. When GPS Option 31 is purchased, the EMF system also provides location awareness capabilities for the measurements. Saved test data can be stamped as a function of location.

  9. SPDT Switch For Wireless And Automotive Applications: SKYA21001

    The SKYA21001 from Skyworks is a single-pole, double-throw (SPDT) switch designed with low insertion loss, positive voltage operation, and very low DC power consumption. This reflective switch features a typical isolation range of 23-25 dB, an operating temperature range of -40 - +105°C, and an operating frequency range of 20 MHz to 3.0 GHz.

  10. 200-3800 MHz Broadband Low-Noise Amplifier: SKY67159-396LF

    The new SKY67159-396LF from Skyworks is an ultra-broadband low-noise amplifier designed with excellent broadband flat gain performance and outstanding linearity. Features include a single matching circuit for 200 to 3800 MHz, an adjustable supply current from 30 to 100 mA, and a flexible bias voltage from 3 to 5 V.