Product Showcase

  1. Remote Analyzers with Receiver Characteristics

    The NRA family of remote network analyzers recently received an upgrade to its line. The NRA RX is a new generation of RF analyzers ideal for radio monitoring applications. This is due to their ability to analyze signals up to 6 GHz in the frequency and time domains, while exhibiting receiver-like characteristics at the same time.

  2. OCXO with Ultra-Low Phase Noise: MV318

    The MV318 OXCO covers the 48-125 MHz frequency range. It features a low profile, low phase noise, high stability over temperature, and a short warm-up time. The oscillator is ideal for VSAT, PLL, frequency synthesizer, and test equipment applications.

  3. Low-Cost, High Performance, and Compact VNA: ShockLine™ MS46122A Series

    This series of vector network analyzers is comprised of three models covering the 1 MHz to 8/20/40 GHz range. Their ability to minimize test times and maximize throughput makes them especially ideal for testing cables, connectors, filters, antennas, and other passive components.

  4. 20 MHz to 8 GHz Gain Block Amplifier: AM1031

    Atlanta Micro’s AM1031 gain block amplifier features 13 dB gain, a 2.0dB noise figure, +30 dBm OIP3, +17 dBm P1dB, a +3.3V, 56 mA supply, and high stability. It covers the 20 MHz to 8 GHz frequency range and comes in a 3mm QFN package.

  5. 1 to 6 GHz Solid State Power Amplifiers

    MtronPTI recently released a line of broadband, solid-state, power amplifiers covering the 1 to 6 GHz range with up to 100 Watts power. Each model in the series is well-suited for broadband jamming, LTE laboratory testing, and public safety and military communication applications. They're built with GaN technology, and their mechanical designs ensure high reliability under rugged operating conditions.

  6. 6 to 18 GHz Solid State Power Amplifiers

    MtronPTI recently released a line of broadband, solid-state, power amplifiers covering the 6 to 18 GHz range with up to 40 Watts power serving the needs of tactical communications, satellite terminals, electronic warfare, radar, point-to-point backhaul, medical, industrial, and scientific applications.


  7. Solid State High Power Amplifier: PA1062

    The MtronPTI PA1062 is a 40 Watt, solid state broadband power amplifier covering the 6 to 18 GHz range for jamming, electronic warfare or EMI/EMC testing applications.

  8. Solid State USB Programmable Attenuator: 50P-2014

    JFW’s 50P-2014 is a programmable attenuator designed with USB control, making it ideal for R&D labs or other flexible test environments. It covers the 200-6000 MHz frequency range, and it has a 0-95dB attenuation range (in 1dB steps).

  9. High-Speed Scanning Direction Finder: R&S®DDF5GTS

    Rohde & Schwarz’s DDF5GTS is a high speed direction finder with outstanding realtime bandwidth (80 MHz), DF scan speed, DF accuracy, sensitivity, and reflection immunity. Its bandwidth and the utilization of three coherent receive channels not only allow for the high speed monitoring of wide frequency ranges, but also a high probability of intercept for bearings of short bursts and fast and elusive transmitters operating at unknown frequencies.

  10. MLDD 4-Way Power Dividers: 7030400/K

    KRYTAR’s 7030400 and 7030400K 4-way power dividers cover the 3 to 40 GHz frequency range. Each model weighs just 4.1 oz. and measures in at 2.64” x 2.30” x 0.40”. The standard model (7030400) with 2.4mm coaxial female connectors and the 7030400K comes with 2.92mm “K” female connectors.

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