1. Coaxial/Tubular Filters: TF Series

    The TF series of coaxial/tubular filters by PDI cover the 10MHz to 18GHz frequency range. They’re available in bandpass and lowpass configurations and are ideal for ground-based radar, MRI and NMR systems, airborne and satellite (limited) applications, antenna masts, and other high-power applications.

  2. Custom Cavity Filters: CF Series

    PDI’s custom cavity filter offerings cover the 400MHz to 20GHz range and are available in bandpass, cross-coupled bandpass, and bandreject configurations. They’re ideal for use in ground-based radar, radio receivers, radio transmitters, and base station systems.

  3. Lumped Component Filters

    PDI’s lumped component filters cover the 0.5 MHz to 3500 MHz frequency range. They’re ideal for applications involving radar, airborne vehicle systems, satellite systems, radio receivers, and down-hole systems.

  4. Comparison of Indoor Propagation Modeling of WiFi Coverage Using Wireless InSite and Measurements

    Modeling radio frequency transmission coverage in complex indoor environments requires high-fidelity 3D models and advanced electromagnetic calculations.  The 3D ray tracing code in Wireless InSite can accurately predict received power coverage even in a multi-room environment containing many walls and different material types.  In order to verify the accuracy of the code, the floor plan of Remcom’s business offices was modeled in the software with a WiFi antenna.  We then used a third party tool and a laptop computer to create a coverage plot of the received power throughout several of the suites.  In this presentation we present the results for this basic measurement campaign.  

  5. EMI/RFI Filter Sample Kits

    CTS has recently developed new sample kits of EMI and RFI filters for applications calling for the effective reduction of radio interference in systems where high performance and board space are both critical.

  6. Optimum Phase Coherence Between Multiple RF Outputs

    This application note describes the achievable phase coherence of two BNC signal generator or MODEL 845-M synthesizer units phase locked to an external 10 MHz reference.

  7. Space Level TCXOs and OCXOs: Datasheet

    These TCXOs and OCXOs are ideal for applications involving beacons, navigation, master clock references (MDS reference), radar, and Ka, Ku, and C bands.

  8. Space Level TCXOs and OCXOs

    Bliley’s line of space level TCXOs and OCXOs have been used in commercial and defense environments, as well as in-orbit space missions with a life of 20 years. They’re ideal for applications involving beacons, navigation, master clock references (MDS reference), radar, and Ka, Ku, and C bands.

  9. 500W High Power Amplifier, 3U Chassis Datasheet

    Empower RF Systems continues to leverage next generation hardware and software architecture with the next series of the ‘’size matters” portfolio - 500W in 3U chassis. 

  10. Next Generation 1 kW Broadband Amplifier Family Datasheet

    These amplifiers offer superior performance for the size and weight available. Packaged in a 5U chassis with over 1 kW output power these amplifiers are ideal for electronic attack, test & measurement and digital communications.

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