1. Made In The Shade

    Failure-mode analysis coupled with quality gearmotors yielded an automatic window shade capable of surviving over 200,000 cycles.

  2. Gyro-Stabilized Turrets Provide Real Time Imaging

    Lightweight, high-efficiency servomotors stabilize and position sensor turrets on unmanned aerial vehicles.

  3. Robotics To The Rescue

    Miniature unmanned ground vehicles reliably perform reconnaissance in the harshest environments, with the help of compact, high-torque servo motors.

  4. Hot Wheels

    High-torque, compact motors and rugged design create economical, light-weight bomb-disposal robot.

  5. Small DC Motors Power Reliable Handheld Explosives Detector

    The XPAK G2 provides accurate, fast results in an easy-to-use unit that leverages robust, high-torque-density Brushed DC Motors.

  6. Small DC Motors Power Mini Reconnaissance Robot

    Ruggedized motors, coupled with a titanium housing and clever clutch design deliver a dumbbell-sized unmanned ground vehicle that can survive a 30 foot drop onto concrete.

  7. 13-16 GHz GaN Power Amplifier: APN226

    This datasheet includes a description for the APN226 GaN power amplifier, as well as information on its performance characteristics, maximum ratings, features, and more.

  8. VC–826 Differential Output Crystal Oscillator (XO)

    Vectron International, a leader in the design and manufacture of Precision Oscillators and Timing Solutions for Communication, Industrial, Military & Space applications, today announces its new VC-826 differential XO in a 3225 (3.2mm x 2.5mm) package.

  9. GaAs And GaN Capabilities On Display At Farnborough

    The UK was host to air shows recently with the annual Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT) and the biennial Farnborough International AirShow (FIA) 2014. I had the opportunity to attend a Lockheed Martin F-35/F-16 preview day held at RAF Fairford, the venue for RIAT, as well as taking a few days to attend FIA 2014.

  10. Cost-efficient And Extensible RF Spectrum Monitoring & Management

    The Signal Hound BB60C real-time spectrum analyzer, paired with the signal processing power of the modern portable computer, forms a low cost, extensible spectrum management platform. 

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