1. Custom SAW Filters

    Com Dev offers custom SAW filters for the defense, wireless, industrial, medical, scientific, and aerospace markets. They’re produced in Class 1,000 and Class 100 clean room facilities equipped with wafer cleaning, e-beam deposition, photolithography, plasma etching, dicing, wire bonding, and testing equipment for SAW filters.

  2. Miniature High Performance OCXO: NV79A Series Datasheet

    This OCXO is especially ideal for base stations, test equipment, synthesizers, and digital switching applications. It covers the 10MHz to 50MHz frequency range and features excellent frequency vs. stability.

  3. Miniature High Performance OCXO: NV79A Series

    The NV79A is an ovenized crystal oscillator (OCXO) with low phase noise options and excellent frequency vs. temperature stability. 3.3Vdc and 5Vdc supply voltages are available, and the oscillator is available in frequencies from 10MHz to 50MHz.

  4. Coexistence Test of LTE and Radar Systems

    Air Traffic Control (ATC) radar, military Air Traffic Surveillance (ATS) radar and meteorological radar operate in S-Band frequency range. In fact 4G communication systems such as Long Term Evolution (LTE) make also use of these frequencies. Test and measurement of their coexistence is absolutely essential as performance degradation of mobile devices and networks and even malfunction of ATC radars has been proven.


  5. dB Or Not db? Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Decibels But Were Afraid To Ask

    True or false: 30 dBm + 30 dBm = 60 dBm? Why does 1% work out to be -40 dB one time but then 0.1 dB or 0.05 dB the next time? These questions sometimes leave even experienced engineers scratching their heads. Decibels are found everywhere, including power levels, voltages, reflection coefficients, noise figures, field strengths and more. What is a decibel and how should we use it in our calculations?

  6. Low-Threshold PIN Diode Limiter Module: SKY16602-632LF Datasheet

    Skyworks’ SKY16602-632LF is a PIN diode limiter module with integrated PIN limiter and Schottky diodes, and DC blocks. It covers the 0.2 to 4.0GHz range and is well-suited for automotive, GPS, and military applications.

  7. PIN Diode Limiter for Automotive, Military, and GPS: SKY16602-632LF

    The SKY16602-632LF is a low-threshold (+5 dBm typical) PIN diode limiter module covering the 0.2 to 4.0GHz frequency range. It features low insertion loss, low distortion, integrated PIN limiter and Schottky diodes, and DC blocks.

  8. R&S®SMW200A Vector Signal Generator Brochure

    The R&S®SMW200A is the vector signal generator for the most demanding applications. As a result of its flexibility, performance and intuitive operation, it is a perfect tool for generating complex, digitally modulated signals of high quality.

  9. Vector Network Analyzer: R&S® ZND Brochure

    Rohde & Schwarz’s R&S®ZND vector network analyzer provides basic, yet solid network analysis and covers the 100 kHz to 4.5 GHz frequency range (though this can be extended to 8.5 GHz).

  10. Vector Network Analyzer: R&S® ZND

    The R&S®ZND is a basic network analyzer covering the 100 kHz to 4.5 GHz frequency range (and can be extended to 8.5 GHz). It has a power sweep range up to 48 dB, an up to 120 dB dynamic range, and bandwidth coverage from 1 Hz to 300 kHz.

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