1. Fiber Inter-Facility Links Future Proof Satellite Ground Station Networks

    The development of high throughput satellites operating over Ku and Ka-band frequencies has increased the need for upgrading ground station inter-facility links (IFLs). RF transmissions are traditionally handled by copper coaxial cables, but they are no longer suitable due to their excessive size and restricted bandwidth. ETL Systems offers a new series of RF over fibre IFLs designed to deliver high quality RF signals across long distances with minimal loss.

  2. Schottky Detector Diode: SMSA7630-061 Datasheet

    The SMSA7630-061 is a zero bias silicon Schottky detector diode with an ultra-miniature 0201 footprint. The diode features a low barrier height that results in good detector sensitivity without the need for external bias current. These diodes can be applied to automotive applications, and many medical applications such as glucose monitors, defibrillators, heart monitors, and radiation and clinical equipment.

  3. Schottky Detector Diode: SMSA7630-061

    The SMSA7630-061 from Skyworks is a zero bias silicon Schottky detector diode with an ultra-miniature 0201 footprint. This P-type diode has a low junction capacitance for excellent detections in frequencies up to 77 GHz, and can be used with sensitive video detector circuits and sampling circuits.

  4. Biomedical Materials Brochure

    Trans-Tech, a wholly owned subsidiary of Skyworks Solutions, Inc., offers industry proven biomedical materials backed by years of commercial use and extensive process refinement. Available materials include Hydroxylapatite and βTCP made with the best purity, performance and price combination. Download the brochure for more information on the advanced biomedical materials that Trans-Tech has to offer.

  5. Measuring Audio Delay Through A Repeater Or DAS

    When managing multicast systems and the overlap areas between in-building DAS systems and macro system transmitters, it is important to know the audio delay in order to achieve better signal quality. The key to audio delay measurement is in creating an audio burst that both triggers the analyzer and passes through the transmitter system to be viewed on the zero span spectrum trace. This application note discusses how the Anritsu S412E LMR Master can be used to measure the audio delay through a repeater or distributed antenna system (DAS).

  6. Techniques For Achieving First Pass Success In Lumped Element PCB-Based Filter Designs

    There are three fabrication techniques used in generating simple three-element 250 MHz low pass filter (LPF) designs. In each scenario, the filter is fabricated using the passive lumped element values obtained in the ideal LPF design process. Due to parasitic effects at high frequencies, the expected measured data will differ from the ideal LPF design. Parasitic elements will then be added incrementally to the design in order to illustrate the progression towards better measured to model agreement. This application note provides a comparison of a “good, better, best” progression through these fabrication techniques.

  7. Space-Qualified Products Brochure

    Teledyne Microwave Solutions (TMS) offers a broad range of mission-proven space components, integrations and services designed to support military, commercial, and scientific space applications. Types of space products made available include amplifiers, VCOs, mixers, filters, RF & microwave components, and integrated assemblies.

  8. Power MOSFET: Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

    This application note presents a number of frequently asked questions regarding the use of MOSFETs and their required platforms.

  9. Low Noise Figure X-Band AESA Core IC Solution: AWS-0101 Datasheet

    The AWS-0101 from Anokiwave is a new IC in a family of X-band silicon radar quad core IC solutions that acts as a 4 channel beamformer, LNA, and PA. This TDD transmit-receive chip features 6-bit phase and 6-bit gain control, gain compensation over temperature, temperature reporting, forward power telemetry with programmable delay power sampling, and fast beam switching.

  10. Low Noise Figure X-Band AESA Core IC Solution: AWS-0101

    The AWS-0101 from Anokiwave is the newest IC in the family of X-band silicon radar quad core IC solutions designed for use in commercial radar and 5G communications markets. Acting as a 4 channel beamformer, LNA, and PA, this IC supports 4 radiating elements with dual beam Rx, single beam Tx, and provides a low noise figure in Rx mode to allow for a complete silicon RF solution in commercial AESA systems.