1. 3dB Hybrid Couplers: TEMline™ Series Datasheet

    This series of 3dB hybrid couplers are ideal for implementation into high power systems used in telecommunications and radar applications.

  2. 3dB Hybrid Couplers: TEMline™ Series

    API Technologies’ TEMlineTM series of 3dB hybrid couplers have an average power rating of 1000W and are normalized at 1GHz. They also feature 1 dB maximum unbalance and 90 degree phase differential between outputs. They’ve been designed to meet MIL-E-5400 Class 3 and are screenable to MIL-P-23971, making them an ideal solution for telecommunications and radar applications.

  3. Design of an Ultra-Wideband High-Power-Microwave Traveling-Wave Antenna

    This application note discusses the design and implementation of a high-power microwave traveling-wave antenna and how its performance was optimized through the use of EM simulation software.

  4. Remote Monitoring and Control of the R&S®FSVR with a Web Browser

    This application note describes remote operation or monitoring of the real time spectrum analyzer R&S FSVR through a standard web browser.

  5. Group Delay and Phase Measurement on Frequency Converters

    Frequency converters such as those found in satellite transponders need to be characterized not only in terms of amplitude transmission but also in terms of phase transmission or group delay, especially with the transition to digital modulation schemes. They often do not provide access to the internal local oscillators. This application note describes a method using the R&S ZVA to measure group delay of mixers and frequency converters with an embedded local oscillator very accurately.

  6. Headend Solution for Encoding and Multiplexing: R&S® AVHE100 Brochure

    Rohde & Schwarz’s AVHE100 is a headend solution with enhanced redundancy for encoding and multiplexing applications.

  7. Headend Solution for Encoding and Multiplexing: R&S® AVHE100

    The AVEH100 is a headend solution for encoding and multiplexing that has been designed to provide enhanced redundancy solutions when compared to conventional systems. It integrates its encoding and multiplexing features into just a few hardware components.

  8. DVB Satellite Receiver: R&S® AVG050 Brochure

    Rohde & Schwarz’s AVG050 is a satellite receiver used for encryption decoding. Its most notable feature is its ability to use two different encryption methods at the same time.

  9. DVB Satellite Receiver: R&S® AVG050

    This  system has two compact DVB-S and DVB-S2 satellite demodulators that are able to receive up to two satellite feeds containing transport streams. Encryption decoding is made possible via two CI (common interface) slots which can accommodate several different conditional access modules so that two different encryption methods can be done simultaneously.

  10. Space Qualified Components Brochure

    TRM offers a range of standard and low profile power dividers and hybrids for aerospace, avionics, defense, and SATCOM markets.