With many years of experience and knowledge HUBER+SUHNER develops and manufactures quality and competitive RF/microwave products for global needs. Our comprehensive product range and expertise includes RF connectors, cables and cable assemblies, resistive components; antennas, microwave modules and lightning protectors. All products/solutions are aimed at applications in communications, industrial and transportation markets.


RF Cable Assemblies

RF Cables

RF Connectors


RF Components

RF Cable Assemblies

HUBER+SUHNER helps to spend less capital on assembly equipment and logistics due to its new one-stop-shopping service. We offer you ready-to-use, high performance assemblies from one single source, produced by state-of-the-art methods from carefully selected cables and connectors.

Choosing HUBER+SUHNER to build your coaxial cable assemblies offers the following advantages:

  • precisely matching cables and connectors from the same manufacturer
  • manufacturing in accordance with your requirements to meet your specifications
  • reduced inventory — no storage of cables and connectors
  • no capital investment required
  • no need to train your personnel
  • no rejects — perfect assembly every time

RF Cables

HUBER+SUHNER develops and manufactures coaxial cables for virtually any application or international standard. Our modern cable production incorporates ongoing analysis during production, constant quality control and the latest finishing methods. Through years of development and manufacturing, we have gained extensive knowledge of coaxial cables.

Our product range includes coaxial cables for low loss applications with high power requirements, high temperature cables and flexible or high-flexible microwave cables.

All HUBER+SUHNER cable types are available as raw cable or as «ready-to-use» cable assemblies built to your requirements and specifications.

RF Connectors

We are a leading supplier of RF connectors for signal (voice/data) transmissions with many years of experience engineering and producing coaxial connectors.

Standard connectors, and those designed according to customer specifications, are used in the following applications:

  • cabinet to cabinet
  • racks
  • panel to filters
  • printed computer boards (PCB)
  • daughtercards to motherboards
  • various cables interconnections

RF Antennas

HUBER+SUHNER designs and manufactures an extensive product portfolio of directional and omni directional antennas for various wireless applications in the communication, transportation and industrial markets. The HUBER+SUHNER product portfolio includes antennas for:

  • Indoor DAS
  • WiFi coverage for office, industrial and warehouse
  • RFID portal and forklift antennas
  • Vehicle-mounted exterior and interior antennas for public transportation.
  • Track Side antennas for railway applications

The know-how and many years of design experience gained by HUBER+SUHNER antenna engineers allow us to provide the optimum solution for your specific requirements. Besides a wide standard product portfolio, we offer customized solutions to your need. We frequently include antenna solutions into customer defined (Industrial Design) housing.

RF Components

RF components - or so-called resistive components or passive coaxial components - include:

  • attenuators
  • terminations
  • DC blocks, impedance matching pads and resistive power dividers
  • MCX/MMCX test kits
  • couplers
  • filters
  • reactive splitters
  • Wilkinson splitters
  • RF power switch

Resistive components are employed in very different fields of RF and microwave technology and excellently meet the requirements of:

  • design and engineering
  • test and measurement
  • built-in items for systems

Lightning Protection and EMP Components

HUBER+SUHNER’s line of lightning protection and EMP components are ideal for use in mobile communication systems, navigation systems, high-speed data transmission systems, radar, CATV, and video surveillance. This page provides an overview of the different products in this line and their ideal areas of use.


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