CTS Electronic Components is a leading provider of electronic components used in communications, medical, defense and aerospace, industrial and computer applications for OEMs and Contract Manufacturers worldwide. The Company has manufacturing locations in Albuquerque, New Mexico; Hopkinton, Massachusetts; Nogales, Mexico; Singapore; Zhongshan and Tianjin, China; and Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

CTS Electronic Components is a subsidiary of CTS Corporation (NYSE: CTS) and composed of six product lines:

Frequency Control: oscillators (OCXO, TCXO, VCXO, & XO), quartz crystals, RF & timing modules (jitter attenuators, frequency translators, & clock generators)

Electrocomponents: potentiometer/variable resistors, precision potentiometer, position sensors, optical and mechanical encoders, trimmers, DIP switches, rotary & other power switchers, mini-joysticks, acceleration module, and small engine rotary position sensors

Ceramic Components: monoblock filters and duplexers, RTP filters, waveguide filters, and piezoelectric

Electromagenetic Interference Products: EMI/RFI filters, capacitors, and coaxial resonators

Resistor Products: ClearOne terminators (BGA), resistor networks, resistor arrays, current sensing, ultra high chip

Heat Sinks/Thermal Management Solutions: extruded & precision forged heat sinks, military & stamped products, ZIF prime circuit card retainers

CTS Corporation is a leading designer and manufacturer of electronic components and sensors and actuators to OEMs in the automotive, communications, medical, defense and aerospace, industrial, and computer markets. CTS manufactures products in North America, Europe and Asia.


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