API Technologies RF/Microwave & Microelectronics Division has a long standing heritage developing and manufacturing RF and Microwave components and systems for military, space and commercial applications. They offer one of the largest selections of Amplifiers, Filters, Active & Passive Components, Antennas, Frequency Sources, Integrated Microwave Assemblies and Microelectronics Solutions. API also offers Repair services on a number of Microwave & RF Systems as well as build-to-print, custom solutions for commercial and military environments.

API’s Amplifier heritage draws from the successful firms of Amplifonix, Q-bit and Spectrum Microwave. API continues to broaden its technology base through higher frequency designs, higher power models and lower phase noise amplifiers. High linearity, low cost/high volume, AGC and power amplifier drivers, modules and integrated assemblies are only some solutions offered by API. Custom solutions are available.

API has built its Filter reputation on designing and delivering some of the most challenging RF & Microwave filters in the industry thus many engineers trust their filter needs to API. They remain on the leading edge of filter technology and offer many solutions including Bandpass, Lowpass, Highpass and Notch filters as well as Diplexers, Triplexers and Multiplexers. Their expert engineers employ many types of topologies including Lumped Element, Cavity, Tubular/Coaxial, Ceramic, Suspended Substrate, SAW and Waveguides. API also designs and manufactures high performance Filter Assemblies.

API specializes in several types of Active & Passive RF Components drawing from the successful heritage of Spectrum Microwave, Magnum Microwave and Sage Laboratories. Their diverse team of engineers specializes in Active Components such as Mixers, Switches, Limiters, Attenuators, Detectors, PIN Diode Drivers, A/D & D/A Converters and Voltage References. Passive Component capabilities include Delay Lines, Rotary Joints, Phase Shifters, Power Dividers, Hybrid & Wireline/Wirepac Couplers and Thin Film Resistors.

API has vast knowledge, and experience, in advanced computer simulation, allowing us the ability to manufacture custom Antennas and Antenna Assemblies for a variety of applications. API has the team to fulfill all your requirements whether it is low cost/high volume Patch Antennas for asset tracking or a build-to-print, rugged Antenna Array for military communications.

API offers an extensive library of low phase noise Frequency Sources from our talented staff of engineers as well as the legacy designs of Spectrum Microwave, Magnum Microwave, Radian Technologies and EMF Systems. Their broad selection of sources includes Synthesizers, Phase Locked Oscillators, Dielectric & Coaxial Resonator Oscillators, Comb Generators, SAW Oscillators, Voltage Controlled Oscillators, Digitally Tuned Oscillators, Frequency Multiplier Oscillators, Master Reference Oscillators and Multiplied Phase Locked Oscillators.

API, a world class leader in component design and system integration, designs and manufactures some of the most complex Integrated Microwave Assemblies (IMAs) in the industry. API, and its team of engineers, each one an expert in their own discipline, offers vertically integrated RF and Microwave solutions for various applications, both military and commercial. Their integrated assemblies include Frequency Multipliers, Up & Down Converters, Digital Frequency Discriminators, Filtered GPS LNAs and Switched Filter Banks.

API professionals design and manufacture high-performance Microelectronic Solutions. Their expertise includes the development of Hybrids, MCMs, SAW Filters and SAW-Based Sub-Systems. Product functions include Data Converters, Oscillators, Filters and precision Analog Circuits. Their team brings over 45 years of design experience, and our high volume automated assembly lines allow the facility to develop custom solutions for the communications, aerospace, industrial and defense industries.

API's engineering team can diagnose problems and repair/upgrade a variety of microwave assemblies, extending the life of many older, otherwise obsolete systems.


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