TDR/TDT Sampling Oscilloscope: PicoScope® 9300

Source: Pico Technology Ltd. (UK)

TDR/TDT Sampling Oscilloscope: PicoScope® 9300

This compact and full featured PC-based sampling oscilloscope has been designed to perform time-domain reflectometry, transmission mismatch, and network analysis on high-frequency cables. It addresses digital and telecommunications applications of 10 Gb/s and higher at the 20 GHz bandwidth, as well as microwave and timing applications with a resolution down to 64 fs.

The PicoScope 9300 series features a 16 bit, 60 dB dynamic range, <1.8 ps rms + 20 ppm delay jitter, a 1 MS/s sample rate to 32 kS store, a 0.064 ps, 15 THz effective sample rate, and a 14 GHz prescaled and 2.5 GHz direct trigger. These specifications match most traditional full-sized bench top instruments. Because of its small size, it can be positioned directly beside the device or port under test.

The PicoScope 9300 sampling oscilloscope is ideal for applications involving:

  • Serial data pre-compliance testing
  • Telecom service and manufacturing
  • High-resolution timing and phase analysis
  • Digital system and transmission measurements
  • Automated pass/fail mask test
  • Fast pulse and logic characterization
  • Semiconductor characterization

The PicoScope 9300 is available from only $18,995. For additional information on features and specifications, download the datasheet.

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